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Although muted for a while within the Forum, there has been cross channel communication with several of the red headed step children (Olson 34 owners) and this link is sent to provide a peek into sailing/racing on a Great Lake. The Beer Can Series was slated to have 16 races beginning mid-May and ending mid-September, but Ma Nature had different plans, forcing abandonment and cancellation of 5 races. So 11 races made the series, with 3 Throw Outs. The link to Yacht Scoring with the cumulative results is here

This 11+ minute Beer Can Bash movie looped in the background during the 2019 Beer Can Bash, the end-of-season event where awards are distributed, tales retold, some lies enhanced and friendships strengthened. This 'Bash' was also my Swan Song as Co-Chair of the Beer Can Series, 3 years deemed to be 'sufficient'. The baton has been passed...

Shoe String bristled each race with 3 GoPro's, 1 of those a 360* model, which is a memory hog, to say the least. There was also a handheld Nikon Coolpix 100, which captured both still and video from a variable POV. Definitely more memory than Apollo 11 had access to, and that's before tabulating what our Smart Phones have!

Hope it provides some enjoyment. On to the day! Take care.
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Awesome job and footage, Jay!

I particularly liked the bow's-eye view under your Trogear sprit...

Thanks for sharing!

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All is good - video, editing, stills. :egrin:

Lots of 'traffic'. Did the boats that forced you off when you were on Starboard all do their circles?

Racing must be a popular way to get out on the water there -- a lot of boats had more people on them than would be, strictly speaking, needed to race them.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Presently, are all of the boats out of the water for the winter?

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Looks like awesome turnout for the races, and great wind. Loved the section of close calls.


Clarifications and answers to questions...

Harbors are thinning on the lakefront, all but 1 close end of October and that 1 closes mid-November.

On average, 25-30 boats make the line until mid-June, then ramp up to 60+ in the middle of the season. It's an active Series, putting lots of pressure on the Race Committee, especially in September with fading light and finishes in darkness.

As to the port/starboard 'infraction', there's an unwritten rule for no protests on Beer Can, unless there's a collision that results in damage, at which point the Protest is needed for insurance purposes, which happened on the final race, with a port tack boat spiking its carbon spin pole and bow pulpit with a T-bone into a starboard boat, shearing the spin pole (fortunately, would have been far worse with an aluminum pole) of the port tack boat but totaling the starboard boat, f'glass damage the least of the damage, toerail damage on a 1973 Ranger 33 triggering the 'totaled' judgment. Bummer.

The 'under the Trogear' camera angle was the 1st time it was positioned there and worked great...until it was dislodged during the offwind leg by an errant spin sheet (at least that's what we're thinking happened...). Fortunately the safety line keep it from being lost in the lake. We'll figure it out next year.

Overall, a good summer, with nothing of consequence broken and lots figured out.