New Insurance Requirements for BC boating

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Another Port, another data point

While sightseeing in the Astoria area today, we next stopped at the port's main smaller-boat and transient harbor, "West Basin".
The assistant harbor master tells me that for long term renters they do ask for proof of insurance, $300K max liability.
For those of us stopping in for a night or three, they just ask if we have this insurance, altho they will ask for insurance proof if the boat or the skipper look... 'sketchy'... ;)

They do require a million in liability for commercial operators like the salmon charter ("six pack") boats.

When I mentioned the 'two million dollar liability question" regarding the BC yacht club, I got a rolling of the eyes and a 'what on earth!' facial expression. :eek:

BTW, when you visit Astoria, the local Astoria Yacht Club is one of several in the NW that reimburses you by mail for your night of moorage. The harbor master's office just hands you an envelope with a short form in it for you fill out and mail in with a copy of your receipt. There is a limit of one night free a month, IIRC.

Simple and Workable system for a smaller club and keeps any potential bureaucracy for the local Port to a minimum.... And... all their club members can then use their reciprocal privileges at other clubs. We have had their members tie up at RCYC, for instance.
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FWIW I've been staying at guest moorages in BC for over 30 years. I have never once been asked for proof of insurance or even had the word insurance mentioned. Was just up in Sidney 2 months ago and am there often enough that they have my boat and profile 'on file' in their computer system so I don't have to bother giving them my contact info, etc when I make a reservation. Still no mention of insurance.

My local marina (Port Townsend) does require it for permanent moorage as does pretty much every other marina I've dealt with in the last 30 years. But not for transient guest moorage.

Now I've never been a member of a yacht club or marina that had reciprocal agreements with other marinas. I can see where on a reciprocal deal they are treating you more like a permanent tenant and want to see the insurance proof.

Some day I can see this becoming a requirement as society continues its downward spiral into litigation Hell, but hopefully I will have gone to that great anchorage in the sky before then.

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