Pedestal Steering Jammed

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I managed to extract the debris from the bottom of the pedestal and now I’m trying to figure out what story it tells. The shackle connecting one side bent and I found a straight cotter pin. There’s a lot of chafing of the cables. The heat shrink jacket was torn off on the side where the shackle bent but both sides are pretty chewed.

I’m thinking maybe the engine controls and the steering were not playing well together? There were a couple of occasions where rpm’s would drop when I turned.

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Christian Williams

Yes, the pedestal contains a lot of stuff--the control wires, the chain to wire, and the wires for the binnacle lamp.

It may be that your chain to wire connection is nonstandard. It appears to use wire eye spices and shackles to connect. Looks like they bind in the narrow confines of the pedestal tube.

YS used swages on the wires, which then fit into the master link of the chain end in a slender profile.

Perhaps the shackles inside your pedestal interfered with each other and also the throttle and shifter control wires. The answer would be to have new cables made up by a rigger in the style of the YS wire/chain connections. Note that the chain wires cross in this installation, exacerbating any friction between them.

Here's what my '85 E32-3 quadrant looked like, with engine control cables led through their specific port. Also, the swage example from the YS manual.

E32-3 quadrant and cables.jpg

swage to chain.JPG

YS document Capture.JPG


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These images were very helpful to my rigger. Watch this spot for my springtime panic when I’m attempting to retread it all.

Guy Stevens

This was a wrong construction problem. The eye splices don't work well in this application. There are specific swage terminators made for chain connection which connect directly to the chain instead of using a shackle. Redo with the correct terminators and this problem should go away.