Re-visiting single-line reefing

Christian Williams

E381 - Los Angeles
Blogs Author
In my case both TL and outhaul are internal, so if the TL is changed to the gooseneck center sheave, the outhaul could just exit where the TL formerly did.

Kind of a puzzle with an external topping lift. Could you add a cheek block near the gooseneck and keep the TL external? Would that create an undesirable twist when led down and back? Boats used to have a sheave at masthead for the topping lift, which gave easy control. You could always put a sheave there and lead the TL down the mast and back.

Or, you could continue to enjoy climbing on the cabin house to adjust the topping lift. That's what I currently do. It is a reason to get out of the cockpit and look around and feel like a right jolly sailor lad. Frankly, with everything led back to the cockpit, even on a 38, it can get pretty crowded there.