Short sail today

Keith Parcells

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It looks like great sailing up in the bay!

I like sailing around islands too. Why do we like to circumnavigate islands?
1. Because they are there.
2. Because we can.

I would bet that way back when Juan Cabrillo, the first European to sail up the west coast of south and North America sailed here, he loved to sail around islands. That was only 50 years after Columbus. Before him, the Chumash Indians (and other tribes) loved to paddle around the islands in their planked canoes with tar filled cracks. Probably as long as people have sailed boat, they’ve said, ”lets sail around that island.” Its always a a draw!


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A short solo sail today around Alcatraz and to downtown SF . There was supposed to be no wind today but ended up with 15-18 in the slot . As a result , it was just me today on the bay along with a coast guard cutter . You can see me reaching close to the wind dancing in the edge of being overpowered. Fun way to spend the afternoon.


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