Solo sailing.


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With the Coronavirus panic I guess I'll be doing a lot of solo sailing this season. :egrin:


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Business is slow - I was thinking of taking a little spring break cruise. But all of a sudden, winter is back.

Had me thinking of one of those old SciFi stories, where you come back from a two-week trip and... everybody is gone :oops:
Or turned into zombies, or something. :eek:

Geoff W.

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My gf and I are both mandatory work-from-home so we're going to go check out the South Sound for a few days... so long as our laptop batteries stay up, work won't have any idea where we are, anyways....

Loren Beach

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Woke up this am with a half inch of new snow, and lightly coming down. Not much accumulation. And just now my moorage neighbor sent over a shot from his cam, of our boat!
He is a club Resident Member, and his floating home is beside us.
This fluffy 'precip' probably will be soon gone, but it is entertaining while it's here. :)