Water in bilge


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Hello everybody!
I have Ericson 35 and I discovered that water is in my Bilge.
Even though I have cleaned it up and dried it, the water comes back every few days!
For winter, I put my boat out of the water and I have still have the same problem.
Any advice?

Ericson 35 MK3 Baltic

Loren Beach

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Most of the later model Ericson's (and Olson's) have keel stepped spars.
I wonder if this is just normal rain water coming down the inside of the spar?

Every good rain storm puts a couple quarts of clean rain water in our bilge. Since I like to keep it as dry as reasonably possible I clean it out with a cheap "turkey baster" whenever I visit the boat through the winter.


Tom Metzger

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I just looked... it's -4.2* in Kenosha. That's warmer than Lk Champlain, but I still don't think water should be much of a problem. :rolleyes:

Just kidding... Welcome to Ericson Yachts.org.

BTW, I agree with what Loren said. Also cowl vents on the transom let in some rain. Last winter the ice was just an inch or two below my cabin sole. Not much you can do once it freezes.

Mort Fligelman

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Rain Watere in the bilge


Ditto.....the explainations of Loren and Tom......

Since I am a spastic when it comes to attachments on this forum, if you wil send me an email address back channel I will send you photos of my cure for the problem over the winter.....

During the summer.......thats what bilge pumps are for.....

Regards, and welcome

Randy Rutledge

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One of my E29's is on the trailer for projects this winter, she takes on some water in a hard rain. I don't want my deep bilge to freeze and do damage to the keel. I use the antifreeze that is designed for campers in the bilge and pump some through the head to replace the water that would be in the head pump. Not a dry bilge but not frozen either. Process pump out after rain and replace.