West Marine Polish with PTFE

Bob Robertson

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We have been using the West Marine polish with PTFE for a number of years.

It was excellent. We would put it on the clean hull and deck in the fall, cover the boat and buff it out in the spring. Then mid summer we'd put another coat on and buff it off.

Our gelcoat looks better than new.

We're really disappointed that it's no longer available. I've tried the new West Marine polish and wax, but they don't appear to be nearly as good.

We tried Starbrite marine polish, but we had trouble getting off in the spring.

Does anybody have a recommendation on another marine polish?



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Loren Beach

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This might be a contender

A friend who does buffing (among other boating work) really trusts the "White Knight" line of products, and one of them has the PTFE you are looking for.

Probably have to source it off the 'net, but it's difficult to imagine anything pricier than from WM.... :rolleyes:

He did buff out our original gel coat hull two years ago and then protected it with this product. It still looks almost as shiny 'as new'.
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Frank Langer

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I love the Meguier products, #67 for chalky gelcoat, #49 cleaner for less oxidized, #50 cleaner wax, and especially #56 wax for gelcoat in good condition. All of them are easy to apply, but look good when done.
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Boat Works Today with Andy has provided hours of helpful hints and tips. His work has convinced me to try Marine supplies.

However, I have been very pleased with Meguiar's Power cut, used on Discovery after 5 years of neglect while sitting on the hard. followed by one step compound and premium marine wax.

I did use WM's stain remover and was surprised and afraid by how quickly it ate through stains (will not use that again).



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Been flying for 40 years and found nothing better for paint longevity combined with corrosion resistance on metals than RejeX, a product with the same formulation/company as CorrosionX...an aircraft corrosion resistant product universally used inside wings, etc. Google it...it is not a wax and will outlast any retail /commercial synthetic product on the market. It uses a molecular substrate that becomes a part of the surface...cannot use it over another product as it will only last as long as the previous applied product...has to penetrate the original surface. No I don't and have never worked for this company, but highly recommend it. Shine is incredible. Direct on internet or aviation supply sources.
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I know exactly what you mean, I used to use eagle 1 auto wax with PTFE and it was the best wax I ever used by a long shot, but they stopped making it.

I remember it being super easy to apply, remove and the shine looked phenomenal. Was called eagle 1 wet.

here’s a wax with ptfe but I haven’t tried it yet

it’s made by zee Germans so it’s gotta be good!