What Bottom Paint Do You Suggest

Sean Engle

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Ok -

I'm going to be hauling out and painting my bottom next month. Any advice on what paint is best to use - or ones to avoid? I need to do my boot and sheer stripe as well. It's in salt water - in a coolish environment (Puget Sound).

Any suggestions? :confused:


Bob Ells

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Sean, My boat is kept in brackish water. I have used West Marine - Bottom Shield (made for WM by Interlux I believe) I have been very happy with the results. Bob Ells

Ray Rhode

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Suggest you ask around the dock/boatyard. Differnet paints work better or worse depending on the local water conditions. In our area Trinidad or ACP 50 is the paint of choice. In other areas it may be different.

Loren Beach

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Trinnidad SR

I put the slime resistant version of Trinnidad on last November, and the visible portion of the bottom just below the waterline is still slime-free. This stuff *really* does seem to work. We are in fresh water and usually the slime covers the visible portion of the bottom within 3 to 4 weeks. FWIW the paint was sprayed on. The extra smooth surface also helps to "repel boarders", as one could refer to this growth. The "SR" version of Trinnidad added about $80. to the normal cost of the bottom job (about $700.) and having it sprayed instead of rolled added another $100. If I can save several visits from the bottom-scrubbing local diver per year, at $70. per visit, this stuff will be worth the little extra $$. I should mention that I normally go 4 to 5 years between haulouts, using Trinnidad. Also, we are cruisers only, doing no racing for that last decade.
Olson 34 #8

Sean Engle

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I ended up using Interlux's Micron CS - in Shark White! The bottom was clean, and I had the hull buffed out as well. Now all I need to do is have the dodger replaced and I'm ready for the season!


Geoff Johnson

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My yard also uses Micron CS, but I use blue. I have a friend who uses white and it doesn't stay white very long, particularly around the water line.