What sextant ?

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Whoops. I remember that I paid $340 for my Tamaya, and that included the 7X scope. I just punched up the current offerings. All I can say is, "Dang!"

Since celestial navigation via sextant has been reduced to hobby status, you could use any type that falls into a decent price range. People have circumnavigated with the Davis instruments, so...

I also know of at least one cruising boat that made it out to Hawaii by following jet contrails. Hmmm. Maybe that's an old sailing myth?

I actually sailed to Tortola from St. Pete on a delivery and took exactly one star sight. True story. There were a lot of contrails.:egrin:

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"Sky and Sextant" is indeed easy to understand. (Relatively speaking...)
It has been on my bookshelf for many years. When you want even more reasons to have a sextant handy, read his other book "Shoreline and Sextant".

I may never need/ to utilize this technology for my local sailing, but his books are accessible and understandable even for duffers like me.

(sailing 90 miles inland from the ocean.)


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Dusting off an old thread.

I feel like relearning celestial. No particular reason other than a combination of long winter nights and the recognition that it was an interesting discipline.

I have my trusty old sextant, I have my HO-229, I ordered a 2020 almanac from Amazon, I figure I can use my GPS-sync'd watch as a chronometer. I might even go completely old-school and dig out my "star-finder" although the "stellarium" app on my phone is pretty amazing.

Given that it's been more than 20 years since I did my last sight reduction, I gotta believe the craft has evolved. Anyone have a favorite self-teaching book (I was once a fan of Blewitt's book, but open to suggestions.), a favorite sight-reduction form, or other hot tips?

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