1. MCD

    Potential interferences between SSB and Raymarine autopilot EV100 - what's your experience?

    Hi Ericson community, I'm about to install a new Raymarine EV100 wheel pilot on our Ericson 38 (the previous one's belt sadly broke on our first sail with the boat). I'm in the process of choosing the location of the different components and have options, for the sensor and the ACU100 in...
  2. R

    35-2 under-deck autopilot guidance needed

    Fellow Viking's, Blue Chip arrived in our possession 10y ago with an already old Raymarine ST4000 wheel pilot. This AP has finally died and despite trolling the forums and trying several 'fixes' I don't think she can be rescued. I have had my eye on the Raymarine EV-200 underdeck linear drive...
  3. G

    Sheet to Tiller Steering

    I just posted a short video on You Tube about setting up Sheet To Tiller auto steering. I may post other videos for reaching, running, tacking and jibing with the self steering in the future if anyone thinks they're worth it. I'd appreciate any feedback.
  4. F

    What brand autopilot for the Ericson 1977 cruising 31?

    What type of autopilot will work on the Ericson 77 crusing 31?
  5. T

    Need ST4000 Autopilot Control Unit

    Need ST4000 or ST4000 MkII Raymarine Autopilot Control Unit. Thanks in advance. Tom James 770-361-5578
  6. J

    Wanted RayMarine ST4000 autopilot control head

    My E-28 was hit by lightning earlier this summer. All electronics were fried. Have replaced the VHF, SIGNET depth and Boat speed and WIndspeed and wind direction units plus all mast wiring and mast lights. Last item is the autopilot. Bad news is that the Raymarine ST4000 is out of service and...
  7. L

    Wheel Pilot Install

    I'm getting ready to install a Raymarine X-5 Wheel Pilot on my 35-3. It would be helpful to know from others who have done this where they placed the fluxgate compass and the course computer. For my boat, I think the best location for the course computer is in the starboard cockpit locker, near...
  8. C


    Is anyone familiar with this unit? Features Boats Order Service Common Questions Contact Us The CPT Autopilot is a reliable, heavy duty, wheel pilot suitable for a wide range of sail and power boats. Our cockpit was flooded at one...
  9. R

    Autopilot head dry-off?

    Hi all, my trusted Navman G-pilot probably swallowed some water/humidity over the winter. The LCD display does not show all the segments, but the pattern changes through the day, so I hope it's not a completely lost case. Any experience with drying off instrument heads? Reps at Navico told...
  10. I

    AutoPilot Compass issues

    I have an old Navico Coran wheel pilot on my E27, which has always worked like a charm. Recently, it has gone awry, working well for a couple of minutes, then veering to port. The only thing I have changed, is I have a small 4 pin electrical socket on my binnacle for my GPS, and I recently...
  11. R

    Autopilot choices on an E38

    Hello All, It has come to my attention due to progressively longer sailing trips that a good autopilot is a must have piece of gear. I will not install a wheelpilot. The steering system in my boat is being torn down this winter. It makes a nice groaning noise when turning to port going down...
  12. Graham Cole

    Raymarine hydraulic autopilot pump

    I have 2 new in box Raymarine type 1 reversing hydraulic autopilot pumpsets. These are good for up to a 10.5 cu.inch ram or for any hydraulic service. I paid full pop for em and my customer decided to go to the internet after confirming his order with me. Nice. If any interest you can PM me...
  13. O

    new boat no autopilot

    just bought a E35 w/no autopilot. only have experience with tiller pilots and the wheel mounted kind(autohelm) and not alot. any sugestions? boat will be used for day bay & mild coastal cruising.
  14. J


    I've never had to screw with my autopilot and it has always worked well despite it's age. Problem-now it always turns to port-and I don't mean it steers back to the slip! Question-Do these units have an internal compass or gyro? John
  15. W

    Below deck autopilot on E38

    Has anyone installed a below deck electric autopilot piston on a 38-200? If so, where did you put it?
  16. M

    autopilot vs. windvane

    Question to all....I'm considering whether to buy a windvane automatic steering aparatus, or upgrade my current Autohelm appears both will cost about the same...... I sail an E35II, and singlehand most of the time. I sail off the Oregon coast, and will likely sail up and down...
  17. Sean Engle

    New Project: Ericson 38 Below-decks Autopilot Installation

    Check out the new project by our very own Capt. Ron: 'Ericson 38 Below-decks Autopilot Installation' Now located in the projects section. Thanks for the contribution! :egrin: //sse
  18. T

    Simrad WP32 Autopilot Problems

    My autopilot on the E-38 does not seem to work. It has not worked since I have owned the boat. (4 months) It has power coming to it. All of the buttons seem to work. It will turn the boat when engaged by pushing the turn bottons. What it will not do is hold the boat on course when in the auto...
  19. Mikebat

    Autopilot for E32-200

    I'm looking to add an autopilot to my E32-200 and was wondering what others are using. The models I am looking at are the B&G h1000 system, and the Wil Hamm P-3C system (, both of which use a hydraulic linear drive to turn the rudder, and both of which are integrated below...
  20. G

    Autopilot Installation

    I just completed the installation of a Raymarine 4000 MkII Autopilot on my 1988 E28. I've located the fluxgate compass just above the engine cover in the companionway, but I get excessive deviation when I "turn" the compass. My next step is to move the compass higher on the bulkhead in an...