1. B

    Wheel feels sticky while underway

    While I'm underway in my E29 it feels like my rudder is sticky. At the dock it feels free and easy but after a particularly big run in front of a twenty knot blow and accompanying seas all of the sudden it feels like something is wrong. Everything looks fine at the top of the rudder post where...
  2. H

    cutlass bearing

    I need to replace the cutlass bearing, is this a job for the ship yard or is it a project I can do during a haul out and bottom job ? 1984 mkII 4'11" draft with a Universal xp25 diesel engine? Thanks, Chip ( Hat Hanger )
  3. ignacio

    E35-2 Rudder Bearing Replacement

    Hi all, I'm going through the surveyor's findings and recommendations on a 35-2 I'm considering purchase of, and the survey include the replacement of upper and lower rudder beariings. After speaking with a yard about this, it's clear more information is needed. So, how does one go about...
  4. S

    E-27 Cutlass bearing

    I’m a new E-27 owner, and it appears I have a Cutlass bearing issue. The bearing has separated from the strut, and will need to be fixed. I assumed I just need to attach to the brass (?) casing to the strut and all would be good; however, all the pictures that I have seen – it appears there...
  5. R

    cutlass bearing

    Yes its time to change the cutlass bearing on mat E35-mark2.Anyone know what I can expect to pay? Is the shaft on a strut. any advice would be appreciated, ' Ralph Ericson owner-"another fine mess'
  6. D

    E-27 cutlass bearing

    We have a groaning sound on Desiderata when we put her in gear. Both forward and reverse. I feared for transmission problems, but a friend (NOT a boat expert, but good mechanic) listened to it and suggested the noise wasn't "metallic" enough to be the transmission and may be the cutlass...
  7. D

    Ericson32-3 cutlass bearing.

    I recently had to replace the cutlass bearing in my Ericson32-3 and our Yard Manager came up with an ingenious way to install. Rather then drop the rudder for shaft removal, he removed a few hoses and lifted the engine high enough to slide the shaft under the engine and out of the strut. Pressed...
  8. D

    Cutless Bearing

    I have a 1989 Ericson32-3 and I have to replace the cutless bearing. I know the bearing is 4 inches long and the shaft is 1 inch. Does anyone out there know the outside diameter of the bearing. I need to get one ordered so any help is much appreciated. Dan Callen Ericson 32-3 Andiamo
  9. T

    St4000+ Raymarine Wheel pilot problem installing bearing cage

    We hit heavy sea's a month ago, somehow the wheel pilot got engaged and the wheel was turned resulting in the drive ring cracking and breaking, ball bearings popped out everywhere. I have gone through the owners handbook and can't figure out how to get the bearings into their cage and then into...
  10. Dferr

    E-38 Cutlass bearing

    Happy New Year all! I tried to do a search on this, but didn't find it. Anyway, does anyone know the correct size Cutlass bearing I need for my 1982 E-38? I measured 5 1/2" long x 1 1/4 OD, does that sound correct? Also, I don't find any set screws in the strut, is that correct? Should I go...
  11. S

    Advice HH Bearing Compass

    I am going to purchase a handheld bearing compass. Anyone have a good suggestion for me? Either what to look for, or a favorite brand. Price isn't as important as utility, durability, and usability.
  12. J

    E29 Cutlass Bearing

    I need to replace the cutlass bearing on my E29, and cannot determine whether it is just the rubber bearing that needs to be pulled, or the bronze sleeve surrounding the rubber bearing as well. If it were the bronze sleeve, i would expect a set screw in the strut which would hold the bearing in...
  13. M

    1975 e27 strut bearing question

    Mechanic working on my a4 says the bearing is worn. In his words it's shot. I know he's very overly cautious, and I appreciate that. BUT, I really want to FINALLY get her wet and begin sailing! (she's on jacks currently) He insures me that if I don't fix it (as I'm inclined to wait until...
  14. footrope

    E38 Rudder bearing (bushing?) maintenance

    I've been reading some good threads on the rudder bearing and bushing maintenance that some of you have done. It helped me a lot when I dropped the rudder yesterday in the yard to clear the way for the prop shaft to be removed. We dropped it before putting the stands in place, and only had to...
  15. D

    E380 Cutless Bearing Replacement

    Hi Everyone - long time viewer, first time poster. I'm in the middle of a cutless bearing project and wanted to bounce a few questions off the forum: 1) Set Screws: There are no set screws on the existing strut and bearing - appears to have been a pure "press fit". Folks at the boatyard are...
  16. D

    cutless bearing change on E-32

    how hard is it and what does it cost?
  17. ChrisS

    worn cutlass bearing

    I just had the bottom cleaned, and the diver noticed that the cutlass bearning is getting pretty worn (the surveyor said it was 30% worn one year ago), and indeed, there seems to be more vibration when motoring. Aside from the vibration, is there any danger in putting this job off? Will it...
  18. B

    Ericson 36C Cutless Bearing

    We are replacing the propeller strut on an Ericson 36C, which also means a new cutless bearing. The bearing we purchased has a clearance of several thousands of an inch (haven't actually measured it) to the propeller shaft. Shouldn't there be zero clearance? Shouldn't it be an interference...
  19. R

    Rudder Bearing Questions (E36-RH)

    Sorry I borrowed a picture until I can get out to the boat and take some... Is the bronze piece in the picture with the arrow pointing at it supposed to rotate with the shaft or is it supposed to stay stationary with the fiberglass tube? I've been finishing up a re-power and I noticed last night...
  20. treilley

    E35-3 Cutlass bearing

    Can anyone give me the make, model and source for this bearing? Thanks