1. E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    E35-3 E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    After tackling the Block Improvements (see Blog entry: "E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Control-Ends & Blocks)", which will add 4:1 purchase, ball-bearing sheaves for friction reduction and added block durability (resistance to "parallelogramming"), and better lead-in for an un-cleated line to aid...
  2. K

    anchor cleat mounting E 27

    Hello, I have an E 27 and want to mount an anchor cleat/samson post of some sort on the bow deck. With a proper sized (12"?) backing plate underneath, is there any reason this area of deck could not handle that kind of strain? I was wondering if I would need to also run a cable or chain from...
  3. Rocinante33

    Midship Cleat

    I have always wished for a mid-ship cleat. So for my last birthday I asked for and received one of these track mounted items from Schaefer. It arrived and is very robust and well polished and seems well made. The problem is that my factory mounted toerail track has flathead screws that are not...
  4. eeyore1763

    Cleat Repair

    My family and I are in the process of purchasing an E30. The port side cleat on the bow needs to be repaired and we got an estimate from the marina of $1700-2000. Since we are new to sailing, I wanted to check to see if this is a fair price or if we should continue getting estimates. I was also...
  5. T

    Stern Cleat Chafe Gear

    I had been experiencing a fair amount of chafe on the teak trim on my transom from the dock lines. No matter how I positioned the lines when the tide came in they would end up rubbing on the wood and wearing grooves. I wanted to refinish the varnish back there but not befor I addressed the...
  6. D

    Replacing mast cleat

    I need to replace a mast cleat which appears to have been pulled off the mast and unfortunately damaged the attachment holes. I was thinking of trying to find some blind nuts to put in the holes (assuming I can find the proper dimensions). Does any one have any ideas of pehaps how to repair the...