1. Sven

    Cargo shifting ... yacht design anachronisms

    Gone: Cargo shifting ... yacht design anachronisms Wow that was fast ... spoken for. A local boating friend and designer. In the spirit of Glyn, sans chick magnet puppies ... We're having to shed volume and weight too as we get ready to set off. I have a small collection of 'I could...
  2. J

    raceone design E27 there must be about 20 of us here on LSC!!

    Lake st clair E27s you all want to meet sometime and have a fun race as aonedsign..I promise to be the pickle boat!!!! Just for fun Joe
  3. Shamwari

    e-39 Rudder Design

    I'm trying to make a really good 3D drawing of an e-39 modified rudder and researching what makes a rudder work well in the conditions we experience with this boat. I plan to make a new rudder for my boat this spring and want to have the foam blanks cut on a CNC machine before I take it out of...
  4. CaptDan

    Latest 'Design' Naval Architecture or Novel Architecture? You decide. I'm speechless.:unsure: Capt Dan G>E35II "Kunu"
  5. R

    Exhaust design question...

    Hello All, I'm in the process of R-n-R'ing the 5432 in my E38 with a used engine. In the process of removing the engine several other things are receiving attention including the exhaust system. Currently the exhaust leaves the engine from a 2" OD water mix elbow, travels about 10" of hose...
  6. J

    Questions on Ericson 34---1989 Bruce King Design

    Hi all-- I am considering the purchasing an E-34 (1989 Bruce King design) but before making the plunge thought I would seek some advice from this group. I have a couple of concerns/questions: 1) Is the E-34 adequately powered with the Universal 24 HP diesel given its the 13,000 lb...
  7. u079721

    Bruce King's latest design?

    Not exactly a sailboat, but rather a 151 foot motor yacht Sycara IV. No mention of cost....but if you have to ask.......
  8. M

    Got Design Questions?

    Vikings, Ever wonder why the waterlines forward in the 38 are hollow? Or why only 70 or so 31's were ever built? I'm doing research on the history of Ericson and will be interviewing my father about his 30 year relationship with that company. If you have Ericson specific design questions...
  9. Q

    1978 34t: Need help finding design of keel mount?

    I am not near the boat at this time to check it out, but I was wondering if anybody is aware of the mounting design for the keel of the 1978 34t? I was told that it is a rather peculiar design with 4 points of connection to the hull where the keel weight is distributed to, giving me the visual...
  10. Loren Beach

    Interesting design The designer states that this was inspired by Bruce King designs, and it does have that Ericson I-31 general look to the transom and profile. No reason or agenda in posting this; it just looks kinda cool. Cheers, LB
  11. L

    Ericson 32-2 keel design

    I have recently purchased a Ericson 32-2 in November, and an item that I need cleared up is that the keel has a deep sump behind the ballast. This seems to be part of the design configuratiion. Is there access from the bilge to this area as I cannot see, because of where the cabin sole access...
  12. B

    Centerboard Design

    I just purchased a Ericson 25 centerboard, and noticed that the fiberglass on the centerboard is cracked. The steel underneath is starting to spread, and I think it is time to replace it. I don't know if it is stuck since it is sitting on a trailer, and the boat hasn't been used in about four...
  13. C

    Headsail Design for Cruising E-38

    O.K. my wife Taryn and I are in the midst of major outfitting wo we can shoove off and go Cruising- extended Cruising with some serious Offshore. we're plannning about 4 years, leaving from the North East, to sail around the Carribean, than at some point sooner or later go the Canal and cross...
  14. treilley

    Keel stub design

    Does anyone know what Ericosn used to build the keel stubs in their boats? Specifically the 35-3? I am wondering if it is solid glass or some type of laminated plywood. Thanks
  15. B

    E34 design

    Does anyone know in what year Ericson changed the design of the 34 to the aft head/aft cabin layout? I am trying to figure how far back I can go and still get this neat floor plan. Thanks in advance, Freeman
  16. Bob Robertson

    New bimini support design question

    Hi, <O:p My current bimini is attached to the dodger on one end and to a short horizontal pole on the other end. The pole is attached to the back stay. <O:p I'm thinking of having a new bimini with a more common stainless frame made. <O:p <O:p I have seen many bimini frames mounted on the deck...
  17. R

    Speaking of Keel Design...

    Hello Everyone, Has any seen a keel like the one on my Ericson 36 (RH) in the attached photos. It was like this when I bought the boat in July of 2001. Sorry I don't have better pictures. This is hull number 2 I believe but I'll have to double check. Seth did they ever put this kind of wing...
  18. Cory B

    Keel Bolt Design (and Repair)

    Hello, We have our new-to-us 1984 Ericson 35 in the yard, doing a multitude of repairs and rejuvenation treatments. This morning we dropped the keel, due to a very strong suspicion that a little bit of water was getting in through the keel-hull joint, and that my wife had heard too many...
  19. P

    Design Question

    I am considering purchase of a 1972 Ericson 32. It is in good shape...but here's my question/concern. The mast is stepped and there is a small crack beneath that is visible in the cabin. It doesn't appear to be a big deal. What really concerns me is the fact that the chain plates are...
  20. P

    E23-1 Hull Design

    We are in the process of restoring a 1971 E23-1. I would be interested in the specificarions / line drawings for the early boats. Everything I have seen on the web or in print pertains to the series II boats and I think there may be some major differences both above and below the waterline...