1. S

    Water drain in E28+ mast

    I am a relatively new owner of a 1982 E28+ and have considerable water draining down the wires in the mast that has seeped into everything (sadly and destructively) before finally getting to the bilge. The mast is stepped on the cabin top. I plan to go up the mast to seal any openings but I am...
  2. D

    Ice box drain leaking on our E27?

    We have some water leaking from a small hole (about the size of a dime) in the bottom corner of the ice box enclosure. We are thinking it could be the drain hose connection for the ice box, but the ice box is all enclosed so we see no way to access the drain connection. Any ideas?
  3. Sven

    Drain in converted icebox ?

    After a long time of planning it is finally time to do the Frigiboat thing. We'll be increasing the insulation in the process. I am wondering if we need to make allowances for a drain in the bottom of what will become a freezer-fridge or if I can just seal it and pump out any accumulated...
  4. S

    Oil drain plug size?

    Just wanting to install a quick drain hose on my 5432 (m-40) Universal. After 5 calls to Kubota/universal dealers including Torrenson, nobody seems to have a clue what the size/thread pitch is for the drain plug. And yes I know I can take out the plug and check the size but Id rather have the...
  5. M

    E-39B Shower Drain/Chain Locker Drain

    Glyn you asked if my head pan fitting/drain leads to anything in the bilges like a sump or collection tank and no it does not and did not come with one either. Sven our shower curtain drapes over the toilet seat, we get nothing wet in the head but the shower pan. I guess that I got lucky...
  6. N

    Mast Drain Provisions?

    Today I was looking at the where the radio and wind instrument cables exit near the bottom of the mast. Now I am wondering just how rain water is supposed to get out of the mast and into the nice bilge sump nearby. I don't see any holes at the bottom. Water does weep out, but I wonder just what...
  7. A

    E25 Bilge help - Drain question

    Hi, I washed out the inside of my boat today, I have the whale gusher pump attached in the cockpit. When I pump it, the water in the bilge near the stairs seems to drain fine. The water in the bilge near the v berth and the head doesn't seem to want to drain? There is some sorta device...
  8. M

    Icebox Drain Mystery

    Well, I've somehow spent amazingly too much time on this, but just can't figure out why my icebox won't drain. The previous owner mentioned he had a problem with the drain and I noticed it was slow, but wasn't an issue at first. Now, it doesn't seem to go anywhere and I'm using the portable...
  9. G

    Head sink drain

    Hi All, I'm trying to find a new sink drain fitting for the head on my E35/3. Has anyone found a source? The sink is an oval stainless one, but the fitting isn't available as far as I can determine. I've been to 4 marine stores, as well as West Marine, 2 plumbing shops as well as Home...
  10. R

    E28 cockpit drain outlet relocate

    Oops - I posted this in maintainance and should have here... I hate the fact I'll have to leave a 1 1/2" below the water seacock open while away from the boat to service the cockpit drains. It looks like I could relocate the outlet to the transom at the same level as the exaust and have...
  11. D

    scupper drain needed for E-27

    Hello does anyone have information on where I can get a new/used scupper drain? I have a 1977 E-27 and need port side scupper drain. Please respopnd to dkopp@block.com Thank you.
  12. J

    Scupper Drain Hoses

    On a E-35 Mk III does anyone have an idea why two of the scupper drain hoses go to a "T" and then go to a below the water line through hull to drain? Doesn't seem to make sense that they would drain below the water line. This is in the context of winter storage in the water. Thanks, John...
  13. Lucky Dog

    Expected electrical drain for auto pilot

    I am re doing our electrical system. The different books report different results. Anything from 5 amps per day to over 50. What has anyone discovered?
  14. S

    E27 Galley Sink Drain Plug

    Hi All, When cleaning up my E27 after a 1.5 year restoration/outfitting project I was using my trusty ShopVac that sucks up virtually anything and I fear that I may have inadvertantly sucked up the drain plug/strainer from the galley sink. The bag is long gone:esad: Does anyone have any...
  15. J

    Cockpit drain leak

    We have a E-35, Mark III. Over the winter one or more of the 4 cockpit drain hoses froze and I'm assuming burst. Result was a very wet bilge which we've been pumping out. The hoses and connections are anything but easy to get at. Any suggestions on repairing them? Many thanks, John...
  16. G

    Cockpit Drain Lines

    I am planning to replace my cockpit drain lines this spring. What drain line material is recommended? Also, the current routing goes from the two cockpit drains to a thru-hull shared by the sink drain line. The cockpit drain lines appear to have a low point below the thru-hull; thus, water...
  17. steven

    e35-2 Drain Questions

    This has been touched on in other threads, but I'm still not sure how to handle. Would appreciate advice. The cockpit drains on the e35-2 drain to throughhulls p&s. (Not sure where the helmsman well drains - does it T in? ) When the throughulls are closed, rainwater backs up into the cockpit...
  18. K

    Cockpit drain hose leak

    Yesterday I noticed the bilge pump cycling about every 10 minutes or so. The hose under the cockpit has a split in it. So I closed the through hull under the sink and it stopped the leak. I had my son, much smaller and younger than I, do the monkey thing and crawl down into the starboard...
  19. Bolo

    AC drain and micro wave oven

    I have a "Webasto" AC unit on our 32-3 that can turn the cabin into a meat locker if I let it. The small problem that I'm having is that the unit drains into the bilge. I been wanting to keep the bilge dry but this is not going to happen when I run the AC. The marine HVAC guy just ran the...
  20. Dferr

    Pictures of drain plugs in bilge

    Pictures <HR style="COLOR: #d1d1e1" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Here's some pics of the plugs I was referring to. I checked for water again this weekend, there was very little. My first thought was maybe this was some sort of water ballast system. If anyone knows exactly...