1. trickdhat

    YS Steering Pedestal replacement or refurbish

    I recently replaced the old Raymarine ST-40 instruments with B&G Triton 2 at the helm. This involved removing the Yacht Specialties pedestal guard which required removing everything on the pedestal above sprocket. What I found wasn’t promising. The steering shaft has play that seems to be coming...
  2. cbeveridge

    E35-3 Replacing bilge hose

    Hi - this is my first post asking for assistance. My (original I believe) automatic bilge hose (Lawrence 3/4 ID) is severely rotten where is exits under the engine. I am trying to remove the old one and instal a new one. It's a tricky job - without much force the aft end of the hose...
  3. S

    Wanted: Ericson E32, E34, E35 near Lake Erie & Lake Ontario

    Hello, My first post here...I've been reading this site to learn more about Ericsons, general boat maintenance, etc. while searching for my 1st boat. I moved to Pittsburgh area after living in Sausalito, CA for many years (thus most my sailing in the SF Bay area), but my home port is Erie, PA...
  4. N

    E35-3 / E350 heavy weather / large seas performance

    Hello folks- I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has handled an E35-3 in heavy conditions (seas > 12 ft / 4m, and/or wind > 30 kts). I am especially interested in somewhat worse -- 15+ ft/5+m and/or wind > 40 kts, especially for significant lengths of time (hours at sea, as opposed to a...
  5. E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    E35-3 E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Cleats)

    After tackling the Block Improvements (see Blog entry: "E35-3 Traveler Upgrades (Control-Ends & Blocks)", which will add 4:1 purchase, ball-bearing sheaves for friction reduction and added block durability (resistance to "parallelogramming"), and better lead-in for an un-cleated line to aid...
  6. NWER.2005 - 63.jpg

    NWER.2005 - 63.jpg

    Reverse view from the other end of the dock.
  7. MarineCityBrian

    E35-3 Aft-led lines and Traveler Setup

    I searched the forum but came up empty on this. Has anyone got a great system for running lines aft on the E35-3 without tearing out the traveller footings? On my boat, the fairly wide traveler footings leave little room for running the lines aft between the footing and the cabin entry...
  8. Doug177

    Thinking of Purchasing E35-3 1987 Model...Issues that I should look for?

    I'm a 63 year old avid S27.9 racer that is looking for a bigger boat for some Great Lakes and Coastal Cruising. The boat needs to be nimble and quick as that is what I am used to with enough amenities to please my wife. The E35-3 looks good on paper and fits into my $40-$50K price range. I have...
  9. R

    35-3 at sea - what else should I have / inspect?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking at a 1984 E35-3 for sale and I would appreciate any insight into desirable features for cruising from SF to Mexico to Panama and additional cost therein. The current owner has 90% completed many additions for the boat for the Transpac, but health forces sale, and I...