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  1. gadangit

    Ericson Document E39 Laminate Schedule 2020-02-11

    Various drawings of sections showing laminate layup and other info.
  2. L

    E39 rigging specs?

    Hello everyone! I'm brand new to the forum, and am currently in the market for a boat. We recently looked at an E39 that we really liked. Like all old boats, it's in need of a refit. I was hoping someone here could enlighten me on re-rig cost for it, or better yet, have rigging measurements I...
  3. gadangit

    Finishing under berth

    What finishes would you apply under this new berth? I'm planning on grinding down the old hull tabs and painting the hull. Paint on wood? Nothing on the wood? I have yet to ask my curmudgeonly boat shipwright.
  4. T

    bilge filth

    Ugh. The years of accumulated slime and diesel from the leaking tank have turned into a type of tar that just won't come off. I cut the sole out yesterday and got to work cutting out the iron mast step and bulkheads. I spent a couple hours in there with a steamer and shop vac making no real...
  5. T

    E39 resurrection

    I'm new here but I've been lurking for a few weeks already. I've already found a lot of valuable information and want to say thank you to everyone that puts up pictures and how-to's. My last sailboat was a MacGregor 19 powersailer and right now I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed but still managing...
  6. F

    Ericson 39 flush deck feedback?

    Hi all- Can owners give me feedback on the Ericson 39? I am looking at one in San Carlos, Mexico that looks well-priced and equipped. Am particularly interested in the standing headroom and handling in an aggressive chop. I am looking to sail the Sea of Cortez. I'm an experienced coastal...
  7. B

    Does my pintle or my gudgeon on my E39 need to be repaired?

    I have an E39 that I bought a year and a half ago and I'm suspicious of the play in the lower gudgeon. At the time that I bought it I had to re-install the rudder and just about everything else... but after getting the rudder on I noticed that it has enough play in it to clunk back and forth...
  8. gadangit

    Coaming Penetrations

    My E39 came with these. Is there a better way? It appears to be PVC pipe simply caulked in and sanded flush.
  9. M

    E39 spinnaker pole and mast mount for sale

    I've a spinnaker pole, deck mount hardware and two mast mounts on a track for sale. mount hardware s/s and like new. Pole has no marks or dings and is in very good shape.Located in Mamaroneck NY.
  10. gadangit

    chainplate bushing

    My rigger tells me that I need a bushing for one of my chainplate holes. Apparently the hole has elongated due to an improper size pin in its past. He suggested drilling it out round, it looks like 3/4" will suffice and then put in a bushing for a 5/8" pin. Questions: 1. What should the...
  11. gadangit

    Broken Chainplate

    Me again. One of the forward bulkhead chainplates that attach to the lower spreader broke while it was at the riggers. It had been flagged by the eagle eyed surveyor as in need of a closer inspection. I didn't get the whole story, but it broke while it was getting cleaned up to be inspected...
  12. gadangit

    E39 Chainplate and steel beams

    Hello- I've looked at other E39 pics and don't see this chainplate fitting on their decks (the one mid thigh on my shadow.) It obviously ties to the aft bulkhead, but what does it do? Also, does the steel beam that runs under the bulkheads actually tab to the hull somewhere? I can only find...
  13. Sven

    E39 B salon table, per Lew Decker

    On the very off chance that someone can take advantage of it ... As we are in the middle of selling our house and equipping Senta II for blue water we have no spare time at all, but if someone would like to pick up or arrange for pick-up of the table top it is a cargo-shift, no cost...
  14. Shamwari

    e-39 whisker pole

    Can anyone tell me how to figure out the size of whisker pole I would need on my e-39. I was in a marine consignment store today and they have some at good prices, but I'm not sure what I need. I have a 110 and a 150 . thanks John
  15. M

    Broken Shift Linkage at shift handle - E39

    I've attached 4 images of my pedestal. Two show the broken linkage for the shifter. Two show a shew in the meeting of the upper bowl and mid base of the pedestal. There are only 3 of the 4 long bolts holding the bowl in place. I'm wondering if anyone has seen this linkage failure before and...
  16. Shamwari

    E-39 shower question

    My wife would dearly like to use the shower in our e-39 but I have been resisting it because it drains into the bilge. Has anyone found the best way to upgrade it so it pumps out through a seacock. What did the later boats do for thier shower? It's getting to the point where she wants another...
  17. Shamwari

    e-39 Rudder Design

    I'm trying to make a really good 3D drawing of an e-39 modified rudder and researching what makes a rudder work well in the conditions we experience with this boat. I plan to make a new rudder for my boat this spring and want to have the foam blanks cut on a CNC machine before I take it out of...
  18. K

    e39 22k

    At anything-sailing.com there is an ericson 39 for sale for 22k...looks prety decent...
  19. B

    E39 Water Tanks replacement

    Hi Ericsons I'm wondering if anynoe has ever replaced the water tanks on an Ericson 39 before? I'm a little aprehensive the floor is a good inch thick, and I believe the floor take some of the transverse load of the hull? and have no idea how the tanks are mounted? Any tips hints or ideas...
  20. D

    E-39?? in Vancouver

    saw this on Craigslist: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/van/boa/1953924293.html