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  1. Fabricating transom backer plates: G10 and Epoxy

    E32-200 Fabricating transom backer plates: G10 and Epoxy

    Summary I’m working on installing an Aires wind vane that I bought second-hand on eBay. I’ll write more about the vane later, but first a brief note on the backer plates that I fabricated to support the points at which the wind vane frame bolts on to the transom of the boat. I did some...
  2. Function, Form, and Folly with a Foray into Fiberglass

    E32-200 Function, Form, and Folly with a Foray into Fiberglass

    Summary: I shaped, decorated, and encased in fiberglass, an adult-sized(!) wooden skimboard. On a strategic basis, my key lesson was to be thoughtful and well-planned about the components of a lamination or surface treatment. On a tactical basis, I learned (again) that beautiful things are...
  3. jacksonkev

    Repairing chips/holes in gelcoat...

    I’ve got a few chips/holes in my gelcoat along my toe rail. I was going to repair them with a thick mixture of West System epoxy. But then I started to get that second guessing feeling. The holes are on a vertical surface...I’m starting to imagine the goop running out if I can’t get the mixture...
  4. Scyph

    Recoring or repairing the deck on the bow of an Ericson 27

    I just recently bought an Ericson 27 at a rock bottom price. She has a huge soft spot on the bow and ripped-out cleats. My neighbors suspect that the core on the bow is rotten and needs replacement. I messed a little with the cleat holes. They are patched over with shoddy patches (duct...
  5. S

    E35: Epoxy - Steel- Chainplate, Input Requested

    I posted a thread a little over a month ago as I was preparing to dig into the main salon bulkhead on my Ericson 35 MkII where a poorly bedded chainplate left a dangerous situation and am grateful for the advice I got then from this wonderful site... I have cut a piece of white oak to scarf in...
  6. O

    Epoxy coating for teak

    One more question....experiences and advice requested.... I have heard of some people refinishing teak by applying a thinned epoxy resin to the teak, and varnishing or Sikkens on top of the epoxy. The thought being that the epoxy will seal the wood from moisture, and give great wear...
  7. S

    Epoxy Emergency 911 call if you can

    If you are an epoxy (West Systems) expert and can spare a minute and a phone call pls call. 7:20 PM CDT. I'm at the boat and the stuff is smoking. Too hot to touch the deck that it is under. Got the fire extin. out just in case. 913-219-8656
  8. Sven

    Heatgun to strip epoxy too ?

    Can I use the heatgun to strip off some of our recently applied epoxy ? I assume so but am always ready to be educated before I make the mistake myself :-) I was apparently right in worrying about the hardener pump not pumping enough catalyst. It seems as if the epoxy did not cure...
  9. Sven

    Bubbles in 105/207 West Systems Epoxy ?

    We just put on the first coat of epoxy on the new hatches, as an undercoat before we put on the Epiphane. We used the roll-and-tip method, rolling it on with an epoxy-proof roller and tipping it with foam rubber brushes. The hardener was old, a year in the garage and we had to poke a hole...
  10. Sven

    Epoxy under varnish and bottom paint

    I've worked a little with epoxy and FRP (FG over plywood on my small homebuilt speedboat as a kid and various small epoxy jobs) but I really don't know anything about it. Reading various articles all over the place and on the West Systems pages, I get the impression that exposed wood...
  11. simdim

    Epoxy to re-bed handrails

    Folks, I had discovered that under heavy rain my e29 leaks from under handrails. It leaks a bit from main cabin portholes - but handrails need to be tackled first. It seems like PO did not do a good job reattaching them after refinish. Now I need to re-bed but want to take a quick poll on what...
  12. footrope

    Hull Blistering Under Epoxy

    A surprise awaited us a month ago when we hauled the boat after three years in the water. A whole bunch of small blisters were on the hull below the waterline. More appeared as the days passed and even as the light changed while I worked on sanding and "picking" at them to get to epoxy that...
  13. R

    G10/FR4 Epoxy grade "Garolite"

    Looking around McMaster I found this stuff "G10/FR4 Epoxy grade "Garolite"" which I am assuming is the same as the G10 FRP material that others have spoken of for reinforcing cleats, etc? If so, would it be usable to make a quadrant reinforcing plate to mount an AP ram? I looked into bronze...
  14. E

    bottom paint performance over West Epoxy

    This is really weird, but I'm seeing it on two boats now, and thought I'd throw it out to see if anyone else has run into this. In short, fiberglass repair below the waterline using West System epoxy. On the repairs, followed the standard procedures for washing off amino blush using Scotch...
  15. B

    tiller epoxy?

    my wooden tiller has dried out over the winter and the layers are beginning to crack and separate- any recomendations on an epoxy, or...? bgs
  16. P

    epoxy bottoms

    I've been looking at E-35-2s. Some have had epoxy bottom jobs, and some have not. My question is really pretty simple: How long does an epoxy bottom job last? Is it something that will have to be re-done every 5 or 10 years, or is it a more-or-less permanent solution to the blistering...