1. S

    Replacement Furler for 1981 E38

    Looking to replace the furler on my E38. Any tips, advice, experience with this? I was looking to rebuild the existing drum assembly but it's taken weeks to find out I can't get a replacement bearing. So, not looking for advice on repairing the old one. Thanks in advance Steve Hula Moon...
  2. juneausailin

    Replacement Furling Unit for 1984 E38

    Hey all, looking to upgrade my headstay furling unit. Curious what models others have ended up using for their E38's. So far I have been leaning towards the ProFurl C320: http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|118|2358486|2358487&id=1792517 Any advice/suggestions for this project? Thanks...
  3. ragamuffin

    E27 Furling Jib

    Hi all I am looking at adding a smaller furling jib to my inventory the 155 can get a little un ruley here on lake Michigan when the wind pipes up. Even though I can reef it to 110 or 90 I don't like the drag it creates at the headstay. Would much rather have a 110 maybe 135 any ideas comments?
  4. IslandTime29

    WTB - Roller Furling System

    Looking for a new or used Roller Furling System for my 1976 E29. I found a setup on Ebay, but not sure if it would work or not. Any thoughts on this...
  5. W

    Facnor Roller Furling

    I'm considering getting a Facnor RC-100 continuous line roller furler for Voice of Reason. I like the fact that it is very low profile so the luff length of the genoa is not compromised. Does anyone have any experience with this system? Its pretty pricey, in that the furler system and a...
  6. N

    In Boom Mainsail Furling

    Is a furled mainsail (boom style) any good? I mean, does it sail well and it it worth the extra trouble and expense to get one? Will the sail hold a good shape when it is furled on the boom? What about battens? I have a 1988 32-200 that is due for a new main sail. I believe that I am running...
  7. F

    E-34 Harken roller furling foil

    Well it finally happened this weekend. As I lowered my jib it hung-up a few feet from the top and I noticed the twin groove aluminum foil had seperated and would not allow the jib to lower. This foil has been beat up over the years and it's now time to replace it. Got a couple questions for the...
  8. SASSY

    1987 E-34 parts for sale:Sails, Standing rigging, Clutches, Blocks, Furling, GPS

    Standing Rigging in great shape, changing out for offshore race rig. 10 years old home port in Naples. Complete with pins, turnbuckles and shacles. $500.00 <TABLE style="WIDTH: 618pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=825 border=0 x:str><COLGROUP><COL...
  9. R

    Roller Furling on E30+

    I am looking into installing a roller furling system on my 30+, but there is not much room for a furling drum in the bow pulpit. Does anybody have experience with a furling system with a narrow drum that fits this boat? I would prefer not using a long spacer to allow sufficient clearance for...
  10. J

    Wanted: used furling system for 1971 E-27

    I am looking for a used furler for my 1971 E-27. I will also consider buying a genny aready cut for the furler. Will also consider some cash/trade that includes my hank on jib and genny. Please send responses to my private email jgautreau@verizon.net Thanks
  11. B

    furling genoa wanted

    Furling genoa wanted for 1975 Ericson 32, max. 36'10" luft, #6 or #7 tape. Also mainsail cover for 13' boom. 909-981-7217
  12. D

    Pro-furl roller furling system

    We recently replaced a Pro-Furl roller furling system on our E-27, with a Harken system. Reason being, we are restoring the standing rigging and our rigging contractor suggested replacing the furling system to more effectively reef the new jib he'll be building for us. He bought out a few of...
  13. saltbox

    Roller Furling Main

    Does anyone have any experience with a roller furling main? We've found our dream boat, Ericson 34-2. Everything is just as we'd like it except the main (which is pretty darn important:)). We're afraid of mechanical failure as well as slowing us down... Any input? Thanks in advance... Tracy
  14. chtaylor

    Roller Furling Choice

    Hi all, I'm going to be putting a headsail furler on my 1977 E-32 next month and am trying to decide between Super Furl, CDI Flexible Furler and Alado. Is there any consensus as to which of these less expensive brands is better? Thanks, Charles
  15. S

    E27 130 and 170 furling genoa's for sale.

    Two furling sails in good condition for E27. 130% furler has a brown UV cover and the 170 has a white UV cover. I removed roller furler system and replaced with traditional hank-on sails when I replaced the rigging this past season as I can't stand Roller Furler sails. Combined Price...
  16. D

    E27: furling jib or not?

    hello all, i recently purchased a '78 E27 that i'm in process of restoring to sailing shape before good weather returns. i'm already purchasing a new main from Doyle (the boat came with what i believe to be the original main, after 29 years basically a bedsheet), and now i have to turn my...
  17. S

    Headsail Furling

    I have a "new" E-27 and will be getting a headsail furler this Winter/Spring before launching. Has anybody had good/bad experience with any particular brand? I will be keeping the existing headstay and using, at least for now, the current genoa. THANKS for any ideas.
  18. F

    in-boom furling mainsail

    Hi all, I have a 1986 38-200. I'm considering replacing the current mainsail boom with an aftermarket furling boom. Has anyone done that before? Does anyone have suggestions for quality manufacturers of in-boom furling systems best for this boat. Does anyone think it's a bad idea in...
  19. E

    How has your roller furling failed

    Hi, I am looking at my very old furler (1979 vintage), and trying to anticipate where it might fail. So, what's the collective experience of furler failures? This raises what I have. I will describe it generically. It has a large (10 inch) diamter aluminum drum that is of split...
  20. J

    Harken Roller Furling help

    I am in the process of trying to dissassemble the forestay to remove the halyard swivel so I can a. file out whatever is binding or b. send it off to the factory for same. Anyone done this before? Tricks? Advice? Thanks, Joe:esad: