1. Fabricating transom backer plates: G10 and Epoxy

    E32-200 Fabricating transom backer plates: G10 and Epoxy

    Summary I’m working on installing an Aires wind vane that I bought second-hand on eBay. I’ll write more about the vane later, but first a brief note on the backer plates that I fabricated to support the points at which the wind vane frame bolts on to the transom of the boat. I did some...
  2. T

    E39 resurrection

    I'm new here but I've been lurking for a few weeks already. I've already found a lot of valuable information and want to say thank you to everyone that puts up pictures and how-to's. My last sailboat was a MacGregor 19 powersailer and right now I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed but still managing...
  3. M

    Backing up Genoa Winches

    I'm looking at adding a G10 plate under the coming where the big genoa winches are sited. Is 1/4" thick sufficient on a 8x10 plate? Thanks. Mort E39
  4. R

    G10/FR4 Epoxy grade "Garolite"

    Looking around McMaster I found this stuff "G10/FR4 Epoxy grade "Garolite"" which I am assuming is the same as the G10 FRP material that others have spoken of for reinforcing cleats, etc? If so, would it be usable to make a quadrant reinforcing plate to mount an AP ram? I looked into bronze...
  5. Loren Beach

    Backing Plate Material?

    Anyone got the foggiest idea what the strength requirements / point-loading requirements of the various plate materials might be? And more specific and useful, whether this makes much difference for our real-real world applications where we want to spread the load out under cleats, stanchions...