1. treilley

    Pre-survey boat inspection poll

    Recently I inspected a boat for a fellow forum member. I was glad to do it and it got me thinking about the feasibility of offering this service outside of this forum. The idea is provide more info than a broker might post on YW including things a broker may choose not to post. It would give...
  2. R

    Poll! Keel re-bedding product recommendations!

    Hello All! If you don't know by now I have removed the keel on my E38 and done a bit of restoration on the keel bolts. Now its pretty much ready to go back in and the boatyard and I have done plenty of research on what to use to re-bed the keel and have come up with plenty of options and...
  3. G

    Anchor poll

    I think it would be useful to have a database of anchors Ericson owners have used, and how successful they have been. Beyond the poll itself, useful information to post would be the type of bottom in your area, if you use a different anchor for different bottoms, the size anchor you use for...
  4. Sean Engle

    Poll: Preferred Weekend for the 07NWER?

    Here too, please don't post to this thread - please go to the discussion thread, located here. The question here:
  5. Sean Engle

    Poll: Backup Location for the 07NWER?

    This thread is for the poll only... To whine or gripe, please go to the discussion thread, located here.... Danke Shun! //sse
  6. D

    sea water intake poll

    Hi folks, I was wondering, after searching the list for clues, what kind of sea water thru-hulls are mounted on the different Ericsons for engine cooling intake... Do you have a scoop with slits, or a mushroom type, (or a countersunk type)....and....how deep below the waterline, and where...
  7. E

    E-27 Type Keel Failure Poll

    As many are aware, the E-27, and some of it's close cousins (I think we're talking 25/26/28/29 here) have a very deep sump in the aft portion of the keel. This has been a topic of much speculation as a failure/worry item. Quite honestly, I think this has been hyped out of proportion with no...
  8. E

    Rigging Failure Poll

    As I am redoing the rigging on my 1979 Independence 31, I am wondering what the real life rigging failures people have experienced are. I view failures in two basic categories of: 1) those whose discovery is catastrophic via failure of the part in use and; 2) the more preferred method...
  9. C

    Dinghy Poll

    Hello everyone - I'm curious about what people have for dinghys. Please vote for the Poll and then maybe post what you have for a tender if you have the time. Thanks, Chris P.S.- Please select one type of boat --- the one you use most --- and then check off whether you have an...