1. Hatch Garage (cover) renovation

    O34 Hatch Garage (cover) renovation

    The hatch garage was in great physical condition, but there have been two different style dodgers mounted on it that, between them, left about 20 small holes to fill. Former tubing pivot point attachments, too. This is secured to the cabin top on three sides by #10 screws. Only big difference...
  2. W

    sliding hatch refinishing pictures

    here is some pictures from refininshing project. finally done :egrin: :egrin:
  3. A

    Refinishing Companionway Hatch

    The companionway hatch on my E30-2 has what looks like a 3/4" plywood top surface with some type of pliable strip "caulking" between teak strips (veneer probably) on top - kind of like teak and holly plywood. It's not really caulking - It doesn't go all the way through to underside of the...
  4. W

    Mahogany Refinishing

    I'm a new inductee to the Ericson owner's club and appreciate all the information posted on this site. It is helpful and informative. I picked up a '70 32-2 -- former owner is Mike Krebs, also a participant on this site, boat name "Voice of Reason" -- a couple of weeks ago and am assessing the...
  5. gjersvik

    E-25 Interior Refinishing

    This spring I brought all the wood (except bulkheads) home for refinishing. Instead of stripping off the old finish and that marvelous aged look, I wet sanded the wood with steel wool and paint thinner. The amount of dirt and grime that came off was amazing. The wood was then refinished with...
  6. C

    Refinishing cabin sole

    Hello again, What do you guys have to say about redoing the teak and holly cabin sole? I know you have to sand it down, but thats all I know!!! What kind of finish, how may coats... anyone done it? Chris
  7. C

    cabin sole refinishing vs. replacement

    We have an 1987 E34 and, as you might expect, there are more than a few on-going projects to maintain and upgrade our boat. BTW, thanks for all the info on Cetol - I too dislike the orange color and will be refinishing the exterior brightwork in the fall. Another project is...
  8. Sean Engle

    Cabin Sole 2 : Black Spots and Refinishing

    I started sanding that corner area of the cabin sole in my head last night, and the teak there is/was black. I knew that there was some water damage and rot in that area, however I don't think I need to completely replace it just yet - but I would like to refinish it (the entire cabin sole)...