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    Standing rigging, other advice, for a 30+ in the Bay Area

    Hey! This is my first post here! I bought a 1985 Ericson 30+ about a year ago. It's my first boat. I absolutely love owning and sailing it. I had the boat hauled out and surveyed as a condition of sale, but unfortunately it seems that the survey was actually not very accurate on a number of...
  2. Running Rigging Redux

    E32-3 Running Rigging Redux

    Spent most of last season finishing up my running rigging re-do that I started the season prior. Reasons for the re-do: 1. Some of the hardware had leaks and needed rebedding anyway. 2. Existing winch placement didn't allow for a full swing of the winch handle with dodger up (both port and...
  3. Rigging Aloft

    Rigging Aloft

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    E25 in-mast halyards and asymmetric spinnaker

    I'm picking up my (new to me) E25 next weekend and plan to evaluate it and do needed updates this winter. The boat is in very nice overall condition and has been well cared for. Several things I plan to do (by necessity or by choice) include fabricating and installing a mast hinge so I can...
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    Need new old mast for Ericson 35

    On November 3rd we were sailing between Baltimore Light and Rock Hall in the Chesapeake when we lost our mast. We were having a great sail, traveling briskly close hauled through choppy waves in a beautiful breeze when the furler came flying back towards our heads. As I turned to starboard to...
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    lube rigging/hardware??

    OK, so, what do people use for lubing squeaky and dry blocks and such? most notably the masthead pulleys for main and job halyard?? (now, while the stick is down!) b-