atomic 4 parts


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Anyone know of a list of compatable parts for the A-4.
Specificly looking for an exhaust flange gasket.
I know Moyer Marine will sell me one for $3.00 but
then the shipping cost is $12.00.
I feel there must be a part out in the auto parts world
that will fit and I can run down to the local NAPA and
pick up.
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You can get gasket paper from NAPA. Tell them what it's for, and you should get the right stuff for temperature and durability. It might not work easily with the thickness of exhaust gasket material (it's apt to be metal reinforced, so you may be doing this with tin snips), but in general, you can place a piece of gasket paper on the part and gently tap around the edges with a ball-peen hammer and "cut" out a new gasket.