1. T

    1976 Ericson 23 w. dual-axle trailer. Asking $3500.00

    Selling my 1976 Ericson 23 swing keel w. dual-axle trailer, 8ft fiberglass dinghy, 8hp outboard and many additional parts and sails. Many of these parts and sails are not specifically for this boat but clearing out spares. Craigslist link...
  2. M

    Ericson 27 Parts For Sale

    Hi All, I am parting out my Ericson 27. The following is a partial list of items. I will have pictures of everything soon: - Main Sail (New from Precision in 2016) - Jib (older #1) - Mast & Boom - Newly Rebuilt Forward Hatch - Refinished Companionway Hatch - Tiller Handle - Newly Built Teak...
  3. K

    Searching for parts!

    Greetings! We recently bought an 1973 Ericson 27 in our home port of Ashland, Wisconsin. There are a few fixer-uper aesthetic parts that need replacing on the exterior, including the front metal bumper piece directly under the front pulpit. If anyone is scrapping any 27s or similar Ericsons...
  4. E

    Parts is parts. (But where do we find them?)

    Does anybody know where I can locate parts for my E-34, both new and used, Ericson-specific and otherwise? For example, the cover for my Ritchie Globemaster got off the boat in Ketchikan in a strong southeasterly and is now presumably enjoying a new life at sea somewhere near Juneau. I don't...
  5. jacksonkev

    (2) New 3/4" Prop Shaft Couplings for Atomic 4

    New 3/4" Prop Shaft Couplings for Atomic 4 I've got a brand new in the box, never touched 3/4" Prop Shaft Coupling for Atomic 4. I re-powered my sailboat with a rebuilt Atomic 4 and ended up not needing this. So, my loss is your gain... 1 (OREV_11_128) Direct drive prop shaft coupling...
  6. Bolo

    Maxwell Windlass parts

    I had the good fortune of winning a bid on Ebay for a Maxwell VW800 windlass. It's used, seen wear but seems to be in good working order. However, it's missing a part. It's the "stripper arm" (part #D3477) That removes the chain from the chain wheel as it comes around. It mounts to the...
  7. G

    Barient 24 2-speed winches (pair) for sale

    I listed these earlier on eBay but they did not sell. Now I lowered the price to $200 for the pair! These were the primary winches off a 1985 Ericson 32. They work great. We switched to self-tailers. Selling as a pair only. NO RESERVE! Pick up in So Cal for no shipping fee! here is the link...
  8. G

    Universal 5432 - Parts and fuel lift pump with primer handle

    Just spent some time at my local Kubota parts dealer. Learned the Universal 5432 is based on the Kubota V5101 also used in the Kubota L345 Tractor. Most engine components are available direct from Kubota parts dealer, at a much reduced cost than many marine supply alternatives. <?xml:namespace...
  9. markvone

    E31 Independence for parts in Chicago

    I came across this ad while trolling Craiglist. No affiliation to the author. Ad says this was a ten year old project to build a boat from the last hull and deck made. History sounds like it could be pretty interesting. Mark
  10. S

    Ericson central parts??

    My previous boat was a Catalina and I was really impressed that I can virtually go to one place and order absolutely any part I needed for that boat either on-line or on the phone through Catalina Direct. Where do you go to get stuff you need for your boat? Is there an Ericson equivalent?
  11. H

    atomic 4 parts

    Hi Anyone know of a list of compatable parts for the A-4. Specificly looking for an exhaust flange gasket. I know Moyer Marine will sell me one for $3.00 but then the shipping cost is $12.00. I feel there must be a part out in the auto parts world that will fit and I can run down to...
  12. Ericsean

    For Sale Yanmar 2GMF20 & E-30 Parts

    I have a used Yanmar 2GM20, Fresh water cooled engine. Bought it to install in my 1970 E-30, but bought an E-38 instead. Now parting out the E-30, so the engine is for sale. along with 4 Yanmar motor mounts and Yanmar Panel. $2,500 for all. I will throw in 3/4" steel plates I had fabricated...
  13. C

    Universal parts and problems

    got a 11 HP model 15(sea cooled). Ran with water valve closed. ate up impeller. Replaced and removed the thermostat. hooked up fresh water after pump, Seems to cool OK, this way. Removed exaust manifold.Need to replace.(new one $500) Questions: 1. How big a stream should come out from the pump...
  14. S

    Datamarine Link 5000 parts available

    A person is advertising a list of components for the Link 5000 Datamarine. Go to Looks like a great opportunity. His prices are not at give away bur considering the alternative of new stuff or repair it...
  15. D

    Looking for Ericson Parts

    Does anyone know of a source for parts for an old ericson 29? I need the 8" x12" (approx.) ignition panel in the cockpit.
  16. W

    Ericson 27 parts

    Came across this on Craiglist, I am not affiliated with him in any way. Parting Out 27' Ericson Sail Boat (Long Beach) complete boat what do you need? Dan 310-795-8978<!-- START CLTAGS --> Dan has a business disposing of old boats in the area, has a boat salvage yard in Long Beach, no...
  17. S

    Used/Discount Parts

    My wife and I own a 1974, 29 foot Ericson in Oceanside. We purchased it sign unseen (except for pictures on the internet). We took it out for the first time back in mid July. I am in the Army and I was on r & r, meeting my family in San Diego. It's a "first" boat for us and a dream come true...
  18. B

    Ericson 30+ parts

    Hello 30+ owners. I recently discoved a 30+ that has broken loose of her mooring and been totaled. The salvage yard is planning on cutting up. I am working on gaining access to purchase parts. Anyone interested in Ericson specific parts let me know.
  19. D

    Parts for E-27 masthead

    After a lighting strike that took out VHF antennea, stereo, fuel pump, bilge pump and (expensive) LED anchor and cabin lights, we've been told that the wheels for the halyards at the top of our mast (Shivs? sp) need replacing. Anyone know where to get them? We have a friend with a "mast crane"...
  20. C Masone

    Universal Engine parts on Long Island

    Any suggestions on where to gat parts for Universal on Long Isalnd? Or diesel parts and service in general?