E 27 Chain plates


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More pics

I don't have any photos of the interior once the chainplates were installed and the G10 glassed over them. But here are some before photos. You can see the horizontal strap that is glassed into the side of the hull.

27 CP2.jpg27 CP 3.jpg27 CP 4.jpg


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E27 Chainplates possible corrosion (fiberglass or plates)

Resurrecting this 10-year old thread, I wonder if the corrosion on my E27 is something to be concerned about. This is just the starboard side, I'll check out the port once I get back to the boat.



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Well, the first step (?) is figuring out whether that’s corrosion or not. I saw something like that and shrieked in horror. But the dark spots turned out to be splashes of resin from the original lay-up. Cleaning it up, it seems to be ok underneath. But... that’s just the parts that you can see. :rolleyes_d: :confused: