Ericson 27- Installing an internal gas tank

Nigel Barron

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I have a Honda 8hp mounted on the transon of my 1974 Ericson 27. I am planning on installing a permanent tank, and was curious if anyone else had done this, or had suggestions. My understanding from Honda is they recommend no more than 6 feet of fuel line and 3 feet of elevation. I am at this point considering installing the tank under the steps in the cabin or in the transon locker. Thoughts? The actual setting up of the tank seems simple, but I am looking for other input. I actually went to the West Marine web site and saw a nice diagram in one of their West Advisors for installing a permanent tank. Just looking for suggestions on things I might have missed. Thanks.


Ray Rhode

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Have not had any personal experience with your situation but would be very concerned about mounting a gas tank inside the cabin because of the potential for escaping gas fumes. There are some USCG rules for permanent fuel systems in new boats and I would attempt to follow them if possible. The cockpit locker sounds better but there still is the problem of venting any gas fumes which escape the tank.

Ray Rhode