1. C

    '78 E27 Atomic 4 wont start w/o shore power

    Does anyone have a clue to why my 1978 E27 Atomic 4 (gas) will start right up connected to shore power but when disconnected won't even turn over? I have a feeling my batteries are bad. The radios, blower and most of the 12volt electronics run fine on battery power only Thanks! Chris
  2. J

    Somebody stole my fuel - locking gas cap ideas?

    After filling the tank the last time I was at the boat, I came back down this past week and motored into Oriental Town Harbour. The area was pretty busy due to the Inland Waterway (chandlery) store going out of business with everything 50% off, so I had to tie up at the fuel dock. When I came...
  3. steven

    gas fuel tank

    I'm pretty sure that the annoying behavior of my A4 (stalling at mid throttle, then ok if nursed through) is bad fuel - and since I use only good fuel, it might be four decades of crud in the tank. So instead of replacing the engine (which is well maintained and actually runs fine except for...
  4. A

    E27 Gas tank/Fuel related question

    My A4 engine died after motoring for about half our like it ran out of gas. while troubleshooting the problem I removed the fuel line from the connection after the on/off valve expecting some gas to come out when opening the valve - Nothing! I suspected I had about 13Gal left in the tank (15...
  5. J

    E27 gas tank replacement

    I just had my gas tank replaced by a friend - genius of mine ...if anyone cares I could discuss online if you are interested...Beautiful job looks like art. Just want to give back for all the help you have given me....
  6. R

    gas cook stove...

    We have not used the two burner stove for over two years but now with a 7 day cruise coming up we need hot food. Filled up the tank and the gauge says 150 but NO gas to burners and will not light. is there a cut off some where? There is a round 4" across pressure thing I guess about 5" into...
  7. C

    replace gas with diesel

    I have a ericson 27 with a gas 4 cyl Palmer It has problems I can get a volvo 2 cyl 13-14 horse with trans that is available Will this motor have enough guts to back me off mud or sand bars if necessary. ChuckA
  8. J

    Suggestions for Polishing A Gas Tank

    I have a 1983 25+. The twenty gallon :esad:alumimum tank is orginial. After running the engine a 9.9 outboard for five hours, fouling of the gas filters occured. We have been changed the filters twice and now installed temporay tank with new hoses. This seems to have eliminated the orginial...
  9. simdim

    Gas primary water separating fuel filter on diesel

    Folks, Just bought a '79 e29 that was converted to diesel from gas (in '87) and discovered that water separating fuel filter clearly states "gas only" -Racor S3213. Previous owner who had her for 6 years never changed the filter - should i worry? Should I replace it with appropriate made for...
  10. T

    Polyethylene Gas Tanks - How Good?

    Anyone have any experience with these fuel tanks, such as the ones made by Moeller for below-deck use? My intended use is gasoline. Thanks, Tim
  11. P

    Need to locate a gas tank tube

    Anyone know where I might be able to locate a gas tube for my 27'. I have the aluminum tank, but the fitting is 1/4" not the availible 3/8". My guys here tell me there suppliers don't have access to 1/4". Any ideas? Don
  12. Luffin it

    Gas Tank Leak

    I need some ideas on what everyone else has done with there leaky gas tank on thier Ericson 27? I've replaced the fuel filler hose which took care of some of the problem but I now see a small amount of fuel leaking from beneath the tank above the lower bracket on the forward side. I can only...
  13. C

    Gas Cap

    Hi Everyone, I have a 1985 Ericson 28. The chain broke on the gas cap (diesel) and needless to say the cap sinks very fast:esad:. I thought it would be as easy as going down to the marine hardware store and buying a new cap. Five hardware stores later it looks like I'm in for some work...
  14. Loren Beach

    URL for A-4 (gas) engine info Or, use their direct link within the writeup on that page : It has been quite a while since I last surfed over to the SailJazz site, and I was just looking around and found an A4 folder with a big bunch of uploaded files in their FTP section...
  15. G

    Old gas + new gas equals cloudy gas

    I recently finished sailing my E27 from Annapolis to Deltaville. Before leaving the upper bay I topped off my tank with fresh gasoline and had a great sail to Solomon's except for an hour or so on the old Atomic 4 when the wind died away. My question is that the engine was not happy and ran...
  16. B

    Last Year's Gas?!!

    ok, my first alaskan winter with ericson 25- winterized the merc. 15 hp outboard- tarped the boat- did most things right... but totally forgot about two, 5-gallon jerry cans (newer plastic containers) of GAS! it's been 8 months of temps ranging from 30 F to minus-10- do i dump this...
  17. B

    Gas Tank Replacement for 1978 E29

    I just removed the old leaking gas tank in my 1978 E29, berthed in San Francisco. Any information on replacement tanks from people who have been down the same path would be greatly appreciated. Thank You Bob
  18. F

    Gas Sending Unit for 1986 38-200

    Hello folks, I'm a new member and new Ericson boat owner (in fact, this is my first sailboat!). I'm looking forward to the whole experience. Thanks in advance for welcoming into your world. As you might suspect, there are some items to deal with on my 1986 38-200, though the boat (renamed...
  19. R

    Just pulled my '73 E27 gas tank

    FYI to E27 Owners: Today I just pulled the gas tank out of my '73 E27. It was much easier than I expected. Of course, I'm the "worrier" type that always thinks of the things that could go wrong. Basically: a) Cut the fiberglass cloth that holds the bottom of the tank short sides to the...
  20. R

    Water Residue in Gas Tank

    I was given an old gas tank over the weekend. Lots of dirt on the outside and perhaps inside too, so I washed it with soap and water. The outside dried completely, but the inside seems to never dry. When I turn the tank upside down, one drop of water always comes out. I'm wondering, is a gas...
  21. Nigel Barron

    Ericson 27- Installing an internal gas tank

    I have a Honda 8hp mounted on the transon of my 1974 Ericson 27. I am planning on installing a permanent tank, and was curious if anyone else had done this, or had suggestions. My understanding from Honda is they recommend no more than 6 feet of fuel line and 3 feet of elevation. I am at this...