Off to Hawaii Tomorrow

Kenneth K

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I like the port bunkboard/saloon table support. Kills two birds.
Best of luck on your voyage.


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Fair winds, Christian!

(90 days of food? You sure you aren't sneaking off to Rarotonga?)
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Oh how I wish a canal would be built from Lake Travis to the Gulf, so I could hook up with Christian by way of the Panama Canal.....ah, wishful thinking.
Bon Voyage Christian and may the winds and seas be favorable...both ways!


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I was wondering when you were going to head off to Hawaii again!
Good luck Christian and be safe.
I think we will all be thinking you.

Keith Parcells

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Fair Winds and Bon Voyage, Christian! Aloha!

That should be a fine test for the new Cape Horn unit. Where in the islands do you plan to make landfall?