1. R

    Mast Gate and Batten Cars

    Got my new Mack sails in. I was surprised to find that they use batten cars... nice feature that I had overlooked. However, the batten car can not drop below the mast gate for reefing, esentially it creats a sail stop above the gate. While its still possible to reef, it leaves a bulk of sail...
  2. WBurgner

    Adjustable Genoa Cars

    I just bought adjustable genoa cars for my E381 from Garhauer. Does anyone have experience with them and have advice on a) rigging the control lines and b) using them underway? I have a basic understanding of what I want to do, but it sure helps to hear from someone who has already worked with...
  3. treilley

    E35-3 Genoa lead cars

    I have the original multi line Merriman genoa lead cars on my boat. I would like to swap them out with new ones that have bearings and possibly an adjustable car system. The problem I am running into is that all the cars I have found on the market today have 3/16" shoulders that go under the T...
  4. M

    garhauer cars, blocks, tracks and vangs

    On the never ending list of things to do with my E-35 II I've decided to change some of the rigging. I'm thinking of Garhauer cars, blocks, tracks, rigid boom vang , traveller, deck organizer and clutches. The price for these components seem very reasonable compared to Harken or lewmar. (Can...
  5. L

    Genoa Cars and Tracks, or Sailing from the toe rail?

    My boat is currently configured to sail the genoa from pullies on the toe rails. I have been contemplating installing tracks and lead cars, but would like some input from the rest of ya'll. Have any of you done this yourselves? If yes, any gotcha's, hazards, pitfalls of doing the work...