1. acubria

    Ericson 26-2 Winter Storage on the hard - DIY

    hi all, my club normally only offers winter storage for our fleet of Person Ensings (23' -3000lb) but this year they offered me a spot too. I need to provide poppets (boat stands) and take the mast down, but it will be much cheaper than storing in a near by marina. A few friends offered to lend...
  2. KS Dave

    E26-2 - How many masthead sheaves?

    Question for my fellow E26-2 owners with Kenyon spars. I'm looking for a way to increase safety when going up the mast. Are there additional sheaves available (by default) besides main and headsail? The last time I sent someone else up on a Topclimber, we used the genoa halyard as the safety...
  3. D

    Dorade vent on E26

    Colleagues, I’m a recent storm , I saw a substantial leak coming from the dorade vent . This boat is new to me . Is there a hose that should connect to it internally ? Mine right now is just a thru deck and water can get in and soak the liner (not good)
  4. Take Five...  Core Repair Part 2

    E26-2 Take Five... Core Repair Part 2

    Two beautiful days of warm weather allowed me to get a fair amount of work done towards finishing this section of core repair. Materials used: 1708 fiberglass mat, TotalBoat High Performance Epoxy, TotalBoat TotalFair Epoxy Fairing, TotalBoat TotalProtect 2-Part barrier coat (tie-coat) When...
  5. A Tale of Two Winches

    E26-2 A Tale of Two Winches

    Self-tailing winches. Luxury? Necessity? Answers might vary. Since the majority of my sailing will likely be single-handing in the future, I decided it was time for an upgrade to the standard Lewmar 16 2-speed winches that seem to be the default from the factory. Priced new, they're out of...
  6. From the top, now...  Core Repair Part 1

    E26-2 From the top, now... Core Repair Part 1

    Core rot. The bane of many owners around here. I took the less-popular repair approach of coming from the top. Given the condition of my deck, I figured either way, I need to refinish this area. Plus, I couldn't bear the unholy mess it would make on the inside. The deck had noticeable give to...
  7. Oil Change and Fuel Filter Replacement - Westerbeke 10 Two

    E26-2 Oil Change and Fuel Filter Replacement - Westerbeke 10 Two

    Small project? Yes. Lessons learned? Definitely. Didn't take a a ton of pictures during the change (due to the mess). But took some post-pictures for reference. This was my first time performing either of these tasks. Starting with the oil change, after warming up the engine, this electric...
  8. Engine Cooling - Hose Replacement

    E26-2 Engine Cooling - Hose Replacement

    All of hoses in the cooling system on my Westerbeke 10 Two appeared to be original from 1985. One hose had already blown with the previous owner, so I decided this should be a project to tackle early on. This project ended up spanning many months as new "opportunities" arose. So, let's jump...
  9. KS Dave

    Raw Water Pump - Pulley on Shaft

    I'm replacing the raw water pump on my Westerbeke 10Two as the old one had seized. I know I can rebuild it, but for the time constraints I have and the price delta (about $60), I decided to go new. On to my question... The old shaft had a spot where the set screw from the pulley seated. The...
  10. KS Dave

    E26-2 - PVC Elbow Conversion Woes

    I know the topic of PVC elbows has been thoroughly discussed, and I even asked some questions about this waste discharge through hull in an earlier thread, but it's taken a new twist when I dug into it this weekend. My plan was to simply replace the elbows with a TruDesign equivalent, and move...
  11. KS Dave

    E26-2 - Post-Haulout Questions

    I was able to successfully get hauled out on one of our club trailers yesterday. My main goals are bottom inspection, bottom paint, and replacing the infamous pre-valve PVC elbows on three of my through-hulls. While looking around at things on the bottom, I have a few questions I hope to get...
  12. KS Dave

    E26-2 - How to Un-Step the Mast

    Can anyone from the E26 crew give me some clues and/or tips on taking down a deck-stepped Kenyon mast? Obviously I need to remove sails, lines, boom vang, etc. I think I can figure that part all out. Then detach the furler and stays (any particular order recommended?). Big question - how does...
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    Solo sail, race.
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    Fun Day
  15. Bilge Pump v2.5

    E26-2 Bilge Pump v2.5

    Sigla came with a SEAFLO 750 bilge pump located in the center bilge compartment (crudely wired directly from the battery) and leftover wiring from an old Rule pump in the aft bilge. I replaced the SEAFLO wiring with proper terminals and stranded wire (my very first project). But the pump bit...
  16. acubria

    Just bought my first boat: E26-2 - Electric bilge pump, bow anchor roller and other questions.

    I am really glad I found this website, because I am really new at owning a boat and need ideas from more season owners. The boat is in really good shape, but I wonder if I should do a few upgrades before the season starts. I have a few questions: Is the E26 really similar to the E25 and E27? In...
  17. Sigla - As we bought her

    E26-2 Sigla - As we bought her

    Our boat had sat lonely in the slip for a year. She was checked on via video. When the bilge got too full, someone came to break the airlock on the auto bilge pump. Come wintertime, the aerator was splashed to keep the ice at bay. But she wasn't taken out last season. So, there's a year of...