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  1. gadangit

    Ericson Document E39 Laminate Schedule 2020-02-11

    Various drawings of sections showing laminate layup and other info.
  2. D

    E39B vs Freya 39

    Howdy, I'am ah newbe. The only sailing I've ever done is hard water sailing,(ice boating) I only know what I've read on line re: sailing/sailboats. I really like what I've read on the E39B and would like to here what you think about how it compares to the Freya 39. The Freya being a cutter...
  3. M

    E-39B Shower Drain/Chain Locker Drain

    Glyn you asked if my head pan fitting/drain leads to anything in the bilges like a sump or collection tank and no it does not and did not come with one either. Sven our shower curtain drapes over the toilet seat, we get nothing wet in the head but the shower pan. I guess that I got lucky...
  4. M

    E-39B Shower Pictures for Sven

    Sven, First thing to buy if you put in a shower is too get a 100% Nylon shower curtain, we got ours at one of those bed & bath stores. They dry fast, do not mold, light weight and tuck in where you want them for storage. Do not buy plastic whatever you do. I made the shower curtain holder/rod...
  5. M

    E-39B Pictures 1

    I have never used a computer very much, but I am going to start. I am posting some pictures of my E-39B that I bought 4 years ago. I have had lots of pictures taken but never got into posting things. That is going to change. She sat in Baltimore, Maryland for many, many years next to the Dominos...
  6. Sven

    E39B drawing file

    We are about to start looking for business cards and other logo stuff so I took a scan of the E39B brochure and manually traced it in EasyDraw (Mac) to get a clean line drawing. I've exported a version in jpg format if anyone wants to use it as the starting point for your own creations. The...
  7. Sven

    E39B pedestal base mounted backwards ?

    Senta has a ~5' emergency tiller. Looking at that beautiful long tiller I don't see how it could possibly be used in the small space behind the pedestal. Yet, the only access hatch in the pedestal is in the aft part of the pedestal base. I hope the pictures below show that reasonably well...
  8. Sven

    Fixing E39B porthole plugs and restoring color

    We finally got the work started to fix the plugs for the E39 portholes which show up on the E39B, removing an unsightly TV and cable connector from the outside of the hull (!!), and the restoration of a more traditional Ericson blue color. When the craftsman dug into the plug hiding the...
  9. Sven

    Finally got to take our E39-B out in some wind

    A beautiful Friday ! We've had light winds every time we've been out in the past so this weekend was a nice change (but not too much change until we get the standing rigging replaced). The wind speed instrument seems to need some calibration, but I'd guess we had about 8 to 10 m/sec or...
  10. Sven

    Spinnaker boom for E39-B

    Nancy and I will not be flying a spinnaker. We will go looking for an asymmetric spinnaker to fly without a pole, but that's as extreme as we'll get. I'm considering the possibility that we might want to use the pole (in apparently very good shape, just needs paint) to help hoist the dingy...
  11. Sven

    Which marina for a loved E39(B) ?

    We are on a couple of waiting lists but would appreciate any recommendations. Any good marina between Marina Del Rey and Long Beach. Good is defined as a marina where she will be safe from human or environmental abuses. -Sven
  12. Sven

    Shower arrangements in fwd head of E39B ?

    Do any of you have pictures of shower arrangements in the forward head of an E39B ? How about a shower sump installation (I believe the stock setup drains into the bilge) ? Thanks, -Sven
  13. M

    E39B Chainplate Corrosion

    I went to re-seal the aluminum chainplate tabs that extend up through the deck from the glassed-in knees. There has been very slight leakage around the chainplate tabs in the past year, but they looked very solid below and above the deck. Unfortunately, when I got under the old seals, I found...
  14. L

    Serendipity, E-39B - SOLD -

    There is nothing I can say that will lighten this load. I have to sell Serendipity. When I retired several years ago I took a huge risk and pursued a lifelong dream. It didn't work out. Couple that with the additional burden of helping two kids get through college and you can begin to...
  15. P

    Advice on purchase of E39B

    I'm thinking of buying an E39B. It's the only Ericson for sale in New Zealand. I've attached the advert'. Looks like the hard dodgers are an afterthought, and home-made looking. I guess that doesn't matter too much so long as they work well. Do you think hard dodgers necessary? I haven'y...
  16. P

    Advice on purchase of E39B (Dupe - See Other Thread)

    I'm thinking of buying an E39B. It's the only Ericson for sale in New Zealand. I'll try an attach the advert'. Looks like the hard doggers are an afterthought, and home-made looking. I guess that doesn't matter too much so long as they work well. Do you think hard doggers necessary? I...
  17. B

    Adding Inner Forestay to E-39B

    We are looking to do an upgrade to the rigging that requires an answer to two questions. We would like to add a removeable inner forestay for using a relatively small hank on jib (maybe an 85?) on upwind legs in strong wind -- we live in San Francisco. We would also use this for hanking on a...
  18. L

    table pedestal - E39B

    Hi - Anyone out there know where I might find the aluminum tubing for the table pedestals on an E39B? I have both of the original pedestal bases and one section of tubing - 3 1/4" ID - I'd like to match it but haven't had any luck - Thanks for the help -----Lew in San Diego
  19. B

    Fridge Lid Insulation on E39B

    Our E-39B still has the original wood lid/door for it's fridge. It's 5/8" thick with no insulation at all. It comes as no surprise that the top half of the space stays a little cooler than room temperature, while the bottom half is frozen solid. I think adding some foam to the lid would probably...
  20. L

    Headliner - E39B

    After looking at all the blurbs here concerning headliner replacement, I have decided to go back to the original Naugahyde. That seems to be the fastest and least invasive solution. I will do it in sections, though, so that when leaks occur I don't have to pull the whole bloomin' overhead...