1. Replacing Sideliners

    E32-200 Replacing Sideliners

    What's a sideliner you ask? It's like a headliner, but a sideliner covers the diagonal side portion of the interior of my boat's cabin. I had removed these pieces of vinyl fabric in the process of troubleshooting some leaks. I later determined that the source of my leaks were the leaking main...
  2. Not so difficult after all: Zipper Pull Replacement

    E32-200 Not so difficult after all: Zipper Pull Replacement

    Puzzling through some leaks, installing electronics and sometime soon (hopefully) pulling the mast to re-do lighting rigging, and a host of other stuff. I posted some questions about my headliner woes in the forum and as expected, got helpful feedback. Pleased to report that replacing the...
  3. T

    Pondering replacing the interior ceiling/headliner E32-2

    This is down a ways on the priority list, I think re-coring the decks has more priority, but the replaced the center skylight/hatch with a smaller skylight/hatch and there is a 4" open area of fiberglass all the way around since the new one is much nicer, but smaller. I was thinking of pulling...
  4. Ericsean

    Doarde and Headliner Questions

    Hey Gary, how did you get access to the dorade water seporators?
  5. P

    Headliner Structure Questions

    Hello, I've been looking at a '75 Ericson 35. Overall the boat looks great, and I'm ready to jump at it. My question/concern involves the headliner on the interior of the boat. There is one section, above the vberth, where the headliner has drooped down a fair amount. I would estimate it to...
  6. F

    Problem with headliner zippers/e38-200

    Hi, I've attempted to open a headliner zipper to access a cockpit winch and found that the zipper is stuck. It appears to have a white powder on the teeth. Does anyone know of a lubricant or spray that would loosen the zipper. It seems that I have a few HD zippers that have the same...
  7. F

    Paint match for headliner?

    I have a bad spot (about 2" diameter) on the vinyl headliner in the main cabin area which I would like to get rid of somehow. I have been told that one can paint vinyl, so I'm wondering if anyone has done this, and has a good paint match for the beige vinyl. Any other ideas would be...
  8. erikwfab

    Cabin Headliner Replacement

    I am going to replace the foam backed vinyl headliner in my 1976 36C. i desire a more traditional look, as well as a material that doesnt absorb water, can be removed and replaced easily. does anyone have any ideas? i was thinking of a synthetic white bead board in 4'x8' sheets that could be...
  9. boethius27

    Headliner replacement material

    I tried searching for a previous thread on this, but I just got 157 threads in which the word "headliner" was used. So, I figure I'll just ask. I need to replace the headliner (there is currently none) on the e35II that I just bought. Any suggestions as to a good material? thanks Justin
  10. J

    Painting the Fiberglass headliner

    Its too cold to paint - so I may as well start planning. I'm going to paint my headliner in the 35-2. Its molded (and moldy) Fiberglass. Any opinions on paint? I've read everything from exterior house paint to interlux brightsides. I wan't this to last but am open to the "non-marine"...
  11. M

    Access behind Headliner E26

    My 1987 E26 has a headliner with out any easy access to inspect for leaks or worn hardware. I do not have any visible leaks and do not have any water in the bilge after heavy rain. My concern however is that some of the hardware such as the mast rigging under the headliner could be showing its...
  12. A

    71 E29 headliner

    Need suggestions concerning the headliner in my 71 E29. I'm looking at several mods to make her more single handed friendly. I'm going to bring the halyards and mainsheet to the cockpit, mount 1 or 2 winches on the cabin top, and install cam locks for these lines. My concern is the headliner...
  13. R

    Headliner Zippers

    I'll never understand why yacht manufacturers use aluminum zipper slides on boats intended for salt water. However, a fellow in Ashland, Oregon sells an excellent repair kit with plastic slides. A small slit is cut at the end of the zipper, a new plastic slide fed onto it and the end of the...
  14. L

    headliner zippers

    I need help to free up some zippers in the headliners. I have sprayed anti corrosion stuff and let them sit and tried to pull with pliers but to no avail. I am scared I will tear the vinyl or break the zipper. Help.........
  15. L

    Headliner - E39B

    After looking at all the blurbs here concerning headliner replacement, I have decided to go back to the original Naugahyde. That seems to be the fastest and least invasive solution. I will do it in sections, though, so that when leaks occur I don't have to pull the whole bloomin' overhead...
  16. P

    Headliner Replacement

    I have just acquired a 1972 Ericson 39 and would like to restore her. She is in fairly good shape except for a few deck leaks which have caused damage to the headliner. I would like to remove the headliner, locate and repair the deck leaks and install a new headliner to match the manufacturers...
  17. D

    Headliner replacement

    What are people's experience in replacing the headliner? I'm asking because I'm thinking of taking down the existing one to trace some leaks and want to know what my options are. All this started by trying to rebed the windows since one of them was leaking and damaging the cabin trunk teak...
  18. J

    cracking headliner at compression post

    A friend has a '74 E-32 that is showing cracks in the headliner around the post under the mast. The mast load is obviously pushing down the headliner causing the cracks. Question: What is between the headliner and the base of the mast that is collapsing or is the problem between the cabin sole...