1. B

    Cutting Wire Reinforced Hose

    Does anyone have a suggestion about the best way to get a nice clean cut on wire reinforced hose?
  2. G

    e38 - 1981 - prop shaft stuffing box hose replacement

    Looking for some advice on replacement of the prop shaft stuffing box hose. The original stuffing box and shaft log seem to be 1 5/8". The original stuffing box hose was 4 ply. The 1 5/8" does not seem to be a common size for stuffing box replacements so a new 4 ply hose does not seem to be...
  3. G

    Engine room blower hose

    Newbie here. We just bought a 1976 32-2 that hadn't been sailed in several years. While bent double inside the starboard lazaret trying to get at the front of the Atomic 4, I kept bumping into a floppy 3-inch corrugated hose that droops inside the hull from the lower bilge area to the blower...
  4. B

    Diesel Fuel Hose

    I've had problems over the years knowing when my fuel tank is actually full. Yes I have a gauge and it does work. It would be nice though to see when the tank is full and I was wondering if it would be possible to replace the diesel fuel filler hose with a thick clear plastic hose. Or maybe just...
  5. G

    Sanitation hose ratings?

    Hi All, Has anyone researched the different qualities for sanitation hoses? I am replacing my holding tank on my E35/3 and there are a number of different 1 1/2" sanitation hose choices. I've found ones from Greenline (G380 is their top product - white butyl rubber and supposed to be odor...
  6. Matey

    Alcohol resistiant hose ?

    I've been looking high & low for an appropriate feed hose (flexible) for my alcohol stove. The A1/A2 gas hoses are resistant to blended fuels with alcohol .. but I'm not sure how they'd resist the straight stuff. On the other end I was looking at braided PTFE hoses, they're pricey .. but might...
  7. F

    1986 38-200 Diesel Exhaust Hose Pathway

    Hello Everyone, I've been away quite a long time, but I'm back with a quick question. Does anyone have a diagram of the pathway for the large exhaust hose on my Universal Atomic Engine. I know it runs unseen under the sole near the shower sump basin, then disappears behind the cabin ladder...
  8. L

    New Sanitation Hose

    I've completed the unpleasant task of removing the Wilcox-Crittenden Headmate toilet from my 35-3. I also had to remove the discharge hose to the holding tank, which was a Sealand Odor Safe that has become clogged with calcium and even more inflexible with age. I'm now prepared to install a new...
  9. simdim

    Flexible ventilation hose

    Folks, I need to order new ventilation hoses for my E29 today but for the life of me do not remember if they are 3" or 4" .... Cheers,
  10. P

    I need to locate a 1 3/8 stuffing box hose for my E27

    Here in the Florida panhandle my marine stores two suppliers don't carry a 1 3/8 stuffing box hose. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one? Don
  11. mherrcat

    Manual bilge pump hose

    I want to replace the output hose on my manual bilge pump to make it a little longer. It looks like some kind of plastic or PVC with a spiral reinforcing wire and PVC cuffs attached to the ends. It looks like this Shields hose listed on the West Marine site, but I don't see the cuffs listed...
  12. B

    New engine intake hose for a 38-200

    Hi, I’m a little embarrassed about procrastinating for so long about this, but I just haven’t been able to figure out a reasonable solution. I have a 1988 38-200. The engine is under the companionway stairs and the water intake through hull for the engine is under the galley sink. The 20...
  13. T

    M25XP hose size from coolant pump

    On my 1989 Universal M25XP I still have the original hose on there and want to replace it - but I recall the hose has different size ends. One seems to be bigger than the other. Mine is a short hose, about two inches coming down from the pump, a 90 degree turn towards the side of the engine and...
  14. J

    Holding Tank Vent Hose

    As you can see in the photo below, the vent hose for the holding tank is attached to a 90 degree downward elbow that routes the vent hose below the intake hose. The vent hose seems to be totally blocked as pumping out creates suction at the deck fitting that doesn’t release once the pump stops...
  15. Keith Parcells

    Holding Tank Hose replacement

    I am about to try to replace the hose on my holding tank that runs to the manual pump. I have to open the inspection port to make sure the level is low enough. The head has not been used since pump out, but it has been rinsed a few times with a bit of water, Odorlos & vinegar. I hope the level...
  16. J

    e34 replacing hose to starboard watertank

    Good afternoon, Has anyone replaced the hose to the starboard watertank or their E34? I would like to do this, as there is a small leak, however this seem a hard job due to the fact that part of the plumbing is under the teak sole, and not accessibale. The part that's under the teak sole...
  17. Cory B

    Exhaust anti-siphon hose

    Hello, Ours (and most 80s-vintage Ericsons?) have a funky antisiphon hose coming off the exhaust thruhull. It is above the standing water line, but sometimes below the sailing one. Ours is made of a small rubber hose that does not appear to be rated for exhaust or anything, but most...
  18. J

    35-2 Thruhulls? Hose runs?

    I'm trying to clean up the hose runs and cockpit scuppers on the 35-2 in rehab and wondering where the hoses connect. The P.O had everything connected to 1.25" drain close to the keel just behind door that accesses under the cockpit. Can you kind folks offer some clues as to how the 4...
  19. M

    hose below waterline

    After replacing my thru hulls and seacocks earlier this fall, I still need to complete some of the in-cabin plumbing on my e27 (yet to be sailed by me) this spring. There's no reason I can't use good quality hose to attach to a bronze seacock is there? Specifically, I'm thinking about...
  20. C

    E27 blower hose connections

    I'm a new owner of a 1973 E27. This is my first sailboat and it's a real project. The previous owners left it in poor repair. One of my projects is to remount the engine compartment blower which was broken off its mounting and left dangling from it's wires when a rebuilt A4 was installed. I'm...