1. D

    For sale: 155 Genoa off Ericson 38-200

    In good+ condition according to Atlantic Sail Traders in Sarasota, FL, where it is listed for $1,100. I will sell for $750+ shipping! Inquire for exact dimensions and pictures. Located in South Florida and can demonstrate before purchase.
  2. G

    Headsail Wanted - 1988 Ericson III 35' 6"'

    Hi, I am looking for a roller furling headsail for an Ericson III in very good to excellent condition with the following approximate dimensions: Area: 446’ Luff: 44’ 2” Leech: 40’ 3” Foot: 22’ 4” Please contact me as follows if you have one or know of one that is available for sale. Glenn...
  3. C

    question on head sail

    I have an 1973 Ericson- 27 , on my 155 Genoa there is a cringle on the luff edge about 2' up from the tack . The sail is hanked on . can anyone tell me what it is for ?
  4. davisr

    wire luffs in ericson sails

    Vikings, I don't believe that my jib is original to my 1975 E25cb, but I can say that it has been around for a while. It has a wire luff sewn into it. This wire luff is used in an old Schaefer roller furler with a drum at the bottom and a swivel at the top. The original purchase documents that...
  5. ragamuffin

    E27 Furling Jib

    Hi all I am looking at adding a smaller furling jib to my inventory the 155 can get a little un ruley here on lake Michigan when the wind pipes up. Even though I can reef it to 110 or 90 I don't like the drag it creates at the headstay. Would much rather have a 110 maybe 135 any ideas comments?
  6. IslandTime29

    Help! The Jib is killing me!

    Here is my issue. I single hand my Ericson 29, about 90% of the time. My wife loves sailing, but being that we have an 18 month old daughter and another one due in 4 weeks, when I get to go sailing, I'm alone or she has her hands full. Getting the Jib up and and down is the worst part of the...
  7. IslandTime29

    Jib bag and mainsail cover E29

    Looking for a new mainsail cover and jib bag for my '76 E29. I currently have yellow, but was looking into dark blue to match the stripe on hull. Also would be interested in 8 winch covers to match. Please contact me at rambling_irishman@hotmail.com Thank you!
  8. J

    jib sheets caught on forward hatch.

    My 1987 E26-2 jib sheets get caught under my closed front hatch when I tack. I might try to put two small 'guards' to fill the gap under the forward corners but before I try to make something, who out there already has this problem figured out? Joe.
  9. S

    jib halyard jammed in mast

    I tried to lower my jib and found that the jib halyard is jammed. It is a roller furling arrangement and this is the first time that I have attempted to lower the jib in the year that I have owned the boat. The sheave at the masthead turns freely and there is a bit of slack in the wire portion...
  10. bayhoss

    Jib only

    In sailing I have noticed a fair number of boats that under heavy air fly only the jib as oppossed to a reduced jib and single or double reefed main. On one hand there is the logic that the jib only is accounting for a very poorly balanced rig that will suffer lee helm and can damage the rig...
  11. T

    This jib look right?

    Hi folks - so now that we're moving the boat to someplace with wind I better get her sails sorted out. We inherited two sails with the boat, the first is an odd sized genoa type-thingy (nice mastery of sailing terms there, eh) and the second is a more reasonable sized jib. I need to take the...
  12. ignacio

    E27 jib purchasing assistance and feedback

    Hi everyone, Wondering if I can get a little assistance with a jib purchasing decision. I'm considering the purchase of a jib with dimmensions of: Luff: 19.25 ft. Leech: 15.67 ft. Foot: 9.5 ft. I know this is less than the 100% area available in the foretriangle created by the...
  13. T

    Jib sizing / dimensions for a 25+

    Hi folks - does anyone have the dimensions for the correct jib for my 25+? Thanks! Tom
  14. G

    ericson 27 jib

    ericson 27 #2 jib,storm jib, anchor we will be making the sausalito - bodega bay passage this weekend on our just purchased 27 and are looking for a #2 jib and/or a storm jib. any for sail or for loan? also looking to buy an anchor. i'd like to find a 25 pound danforth or a 43 pound plow...
  15. mherrcat

    Pendant to raise jib

    I need to raise the foot of my roller furling jib about 12" so the the sail clears the pulpit and lifelines to prevent chafing. Short of raising the furler drum which would involve modifying the foil, I was told that I could add a pendant. Any suggestions how to construct something like this? I...
  16. E

    E-27 150 % Jib Wanted

    I just purchased an E27 and the head sail is less than desirable. I'm looking for a decent used 150 (roller not hank on). Anyone with a good source for used Ericson sails? Thanks
  17. F

    Ericson 37 Storm Jib for sale ...

    I have an Ericson 37 storm Jib looking for a new home. Good shape. Willing to ship. Contact me for pictures.
  18. S

    Stuck primary jib halyard

    I have a stuck primary jib halyard in the sheave. Any ideas wether it has cut a wire groove in the sheave, or has it wedged off the side? We might attempt to repair without dropping the mast. If we can secure the sheave from dropping into the mast and pull the pin, are there any bearings or...
  19. G

    e29 working jib wanted

    100-120% jib/genoa wanted in good conditions.
  20. J

    jib halyard fairlead

    I'm looking for a replacement for a broken fairlead at the top of the mast for the jib halyard on a 1983 Ericson 38. All the ones I can find would require new holes drilled etc. Does anyone know where I might find an exact replacement? Thanks! John