1. A

    The Never-Ending Spring Update List

    I have not posted here for a while so I thought I better add some of my new "lessons learned" to the knowledge pool here before I forget them. As per some of my previous ramblings here, I purchased my 1990 E28 "Aquavit" last spring. My first season with it highlighted a few areas that need to...
  2. R

    Ericson Cruising 31 on Seattle craigs list

    I've no interest in this boat but noticed it listed on Seattle Craig's List today in case someone is interested.
  3. Walt Lawrence

    SF bay 30' 69 ericson 2K craigs list

    So this just came up on the list... Might be a real deal....:egrin: Fair seas, Walt Lawrence s/v sarayu E-39
  4. Loren Beach

    List of marine "second hand" vendors

    Just noticed this on another sailing site. Quite a good sized list. LB
  5. Sven

    Jessica #1 on the AU best seller list

    She posted this on her blog last Thursday: I read it a few times because it seemed so unlikely, but I guess they don't read very much down there :egrin: Congratulations to her and I look forward to reading it too at some point. -Sven
  6. J

    Used Raritan head and "Y" valve on Craigs list

    Spotted this today on Criags list. I have not interest bust seem like a good deal
  7. Jeff Asbury

    3 Ericson 27's on Los Angeles Craigs List.

    3 Ericson 27's on Los Angeles Craigs List. This 1st one if from "Dan" the 'Sailboat Junk Yard" guy. He's parting it out! Parting Out 27' Ericson Sail Boat (Long Beach) Ericson 27 sailboat Wheel 1976 - $4500 (Marina del Rey)...
  8. Mark F

    free E23 Craig's list

    Just saw this on the local (SF Bay area) Craig's list.
  9. Sven

    List of items wanted and for sale ?

    I haven't run a vBulletin installation so I have no idea how hard it would be or if it even possible ... with that said: It would be really nice to have a table of boat items for sale by us EY.O members and a second list of wanted items. The tables would be something like Item --...
  10. CaptDan

    Craig's List Meta Search

    I came across an interesting online search engine the other day: It allows you to peruse all US cities' Craig's List ads simultaneously. It costs nothing, and - perhaps - might be helpful when seeking a specific boat item, part, or arcane object. Capt Dan G>E35II "Kunu"
  11. Jeff Asbury

    Ericson 23 MKII $3000 On Craig's List

    Ericson 23 MKII Sail Boat On Craig's List $3000 (Docked in Long Beach) 1975 Ericson MKII Sail Boat This sail boat is in excellent condition! It is white with blue trim. It also has many extras: The sail boat has new paint. The...
  12. Jeff Asbury

    Companion Way Hatch for E-27 on Craig's List. LA

    Sliding Companion Way Hatch for E-27 on Craig's List Beautiful Entryway Hatch For 27 Ericson - $200 (Long Beach) Refinished teak,gorgeous. This is the Sailboat Junk Yard in Long Beach. Call Valerie 562-200-9108 I actually went and...
  13. Jeff Asbury

    Main from 28' Ericson on Craig's List. Redondo Beach, CA

    Main from 28' Ericson on Craig's List. Redondo Beach, CA Main Sail UK - $250 UK Full Batten main from 28' Ericson. Luff 35' Foot 11'. Good condition. (310) 529-4474 Wish it fit my E-27!
  14. F

    Need Kubota/Universal parts numbers list

    I know that somewhere, someplace I saw a list of Kubota parts numbers for the Universal 25x engine. I have a Kubota dealer in Knoxville and would sure like to save a few bucks . Does anybody have an idea where to find this list. Also, does anybody know the Kubota engine number which would be...
  15. Jeff Asbury

    Abbreviation/acronym List

    With all these acronyms flying around on the internet blogs I partake in I am often lost with many of these abbreviations I find. Example IMHO = "In my humble opinion." or AFAIK = "As Far As I Know" Here are just a few I found amusing: LAMDILLIGAF = "Look At Me, Do I Look Like I Give A...
  16. wurzner

    Ericson Yachts List and a 15 Summer Cruise

    After my first week back at work following a 15 day cruise in the San Juan and Canadian Gulf Islands, I am now sitting in a hotel in Washington DC waiting for a Stevie Wonder Concert in Balitmore tomorrow (Go Stevie!). First off, it is amazing how incredibley far away from work you can get on...
  17. J

    Work List - Maine Marina?

    Hi folks... Just Joined and need advice on a Marina for Launch and Checkout in Northern Maine - (mabey Eastport). (not Much Action on the Northeast Forum - so I'm trying Here) Just Bought 1972 E 35II - #268. Having the boat trucked to Maine from New Bern. N.C...then some work...checkout and...
  18. Sean Engle

    Wish List

    Just so there's no confusion... To all the billionaires out there who are curious what I would like to have to replace my E35-3... You only need to look to a current listing: a vintage E41! :egrin: I look at this Vancouver-BC boat, and all I can say is (in a...
  19. Jeff Asbury

    1971 Ericson Sailboat 29' - $6500 ON CRAIG'S LIST

    1971 Ericson Sailboat 29' - $6500 ON CRAIG'S LIST Reply to: Date: 2006-09-18, 10:13AM PDT 1971 Ericson 29' -Atomic 4 . All new fuel lines, re-built carb, new points, rotor, condenser, plug wires...
  20. treilley

    E35-III Starboard list

    After cruising for the last 10 days, I have noticed a pronounced list to starboard. Waterline is about an inch or so lower on starboard side. I think it was always there. Is this a common trait to this boat? If so, how is it resolved? I have tried moving gear and filling tanks in different...