1. NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 2

    E32-200 NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 2

    At present I have two GPS antennas - one dedicated to the AIS that does not share location data with the network, and the second self-contained unit. I had originally planned to copy @footrope’s antenna installation on the frame of his dodger. Craig helpfully pointed me to the same special...
  2. NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 1

    E32-200 NMEA 2000 Network Installation Pt. 1

    Summary: It cost about 5.5 grand and 40-50 hours of work. Much longer time waiting for parts than installing. Wiring DC connections is easy. Wiring coaxial connectors and tiny wires is more frustrating. Introduction This project started with a desire to add an autopilot, an AIS, and while...
  3. NMEA 2000 Network Design, Electronics Upgrade

    E32-200 NMEA 2000 Network Design, Electronics Upgrade

    "Ko'olea felt the wind across his cheek, the beams of light soaking into the apex of his left shoulder, and saw the fringe of whitewater on the outer reef. The pink men repeated the names of their contraptions: “Chronometer, Compass, Sextant.” He felt pity for these strangely-dressed men who...
  4. MCD

    Potential interferences between SSB and Raymarine autopilot EV100 - what's your experience?

    Hi Ericson community, I'm about to install a new Raymarine EV100 wheel pilot on our Ericson 38 (the previous one's belt sadly broke on our first sail with the boat). I'm in the process of choosing the location of the different components and have options, for the sensor and the ACU100 in...
  5. juneausailin

    Raymarine Drive for Autopilot on E38

    Hi all, I got a Raymarine X-10 corepack and I need to get a Type 1 drive to go with it... anyone gone this route on an '84 E38? wondering if I need the linear drive or the rotary.... best, David
  6. K

    Ericson 36C "Sterling" For Sale $49,000(CAN)

    Proud owner of this Ericson 36C, due to health reasons we are making the switch to a motor sailor. All serious offers will be considered. All work done by professionals. *Built 1977 *Fresh Water Boat on Lake Ontario *6 coats of epoxy bottom treatment *AWL Gripped Mast (Desert Sand) *Original...
  7. R

    Raymarine sucks!

    Here we go again.... My masthead unit on the Raymarine ST60+ is screwed up again. Same thing as in the spring commissioning. Wind direction indicator only working from 45* to 45* regardless of actual wind direction. I replaced the masthead unit in the spring and sent the bad one back to...
  8. J

    Wanted RayMarine ST4000 autopilot control head

    My E-28 was hit by lightning earlier this summer. All electronics were fried. Have replaced the VHF, SIGNET depth and Boat speed and WIndspeed and wind direction units plus all mast wiring and mast lights. Last item is the autopilot. Bad news is that the Raymarine ST4000 is out of service and...
  9. L

    Raymarine S2g Upgrade E35-III

    I have owned my 1989 E35-III for a 3 years now and am thoroughly enjoying the boat. Recently the Autohelm 6000 died. I found a new Raymarine S2G with warranty on the internet at a great price point and installed it along with a ST6002 plus. After finishing the install and doing the required...
  10. F

    Problem with Raymarine ST40 bidata transducer

    Hi, The temperature reading on our Raymarine ST40 bidata instrument has started reading wrong--it reads at 12 degrees celcius when the actual water temperature is 9 degrees, and when left on the temperature reading increases steadily to about 25 degrees celcius, with the boat at the dock in 9...
  11. Loren Beach

    Raymarine nearly broke?

    After seeing some mention on a large UK sailing site, http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=221136 I did some searching and found quite a few more links around the 'net. It sounds worrisome. http://www.boatered.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=133405...
  12. T

    Data Marine Mast Head Unit repair or replacement

    My original mast head anemometer has slowed to an unbalanced crawl. To make matters worse, a big bird tried to sit on it and when it spun on him, his frantic flapping in getting away, knocked off the directional fin. The dilemma now is what to do. The other original instruments still work well...
  13. T

    St4000+ Raymarine Wheel pilot problem installing bearing cage

    We hit heavy sea's a month ago, somehow the wheel pilot got engaged and the wheel was turned resulting in the drive ring cracking and breaking, ball bearings popped out everywhere. I have gone through the owners handbook and can't figure out how to get the bearings into their cage and then into...
  14. treilley

    Raymarine rudder position sensor for sale

    I have a new rudder position sensor that came with my new S1 wheel pilot. I already have a sensor so I am selling this one. It plugs directly into the seatalk interface on any Autohelm or Raymarine AP that support Seatalk. Or add a display to use it stand alone. Asking $175 + shipping.
  15. treilley

    Raymarine S1 versus X-5

    I currently own an Autohelm ST4000 AP. It is an older model with limited functionality. It has the LCD display and 3 rows of 2 buttons in a black case with red trim. I have added a rudder position sensor and ST60+ instrument pack this year. It also has it's own fluxgate compass. It works fine...
  16. treilley

    New Raymarine St60+ installed

    I have installed the displays in place of my DMI instruments. I had to use the flush mounting kits with them to make them fit the old openings as the stock display barely covers the hole. The other nice thing about the flush kit is that it makes the instruments much thinner. Next I need to...
  17. R

    Simrad VS Raymarine or what not to buy.....

    I have been having problems for a while now with my new Simrad IS20 instruments but I have held off commenting until now. Over the winter I did some fairly extensive work and this included a new set of Simrads latest instruments the IS20 line. This is a network system that runs on "Simnet"...
  18. P

    Raymarine S1 wheelpilot, rudder position sensor

    Among this year's upgrades was replacing the very old Autohelm ST4000 wheel pilot on our E33 with the current offering from Raymarine. I have gotten a ways into the installation and run into the typical minor problems and questions involved in any boat project and am continuing to work through...
  19. ron7546

    Raymarine S1 wheel pilot

    In the process adding Raymarine S1 wheel pilot on my E27 . Would any member happen to have info or photos regarding installation of the "rudder position sensor".I have all mounting specs - - - just would like a " heads up" from someone who has actually installed a sensor on an E27 in the little...
  20. Graham Cole

    Raymarine hydraulic autopilot pump

    I have 2 new in box Raymarine type 1 reversing hydraulic autopilot pumpsets. These are good for up to a 10.5 cu.inch ram or for any hydraulic service. I paid full pop for em and my customer decided to go to the internet after confirming his order with me. Nice. If any interest you can PM me...
  21. L

    Replacing Sailing Instruments

    It seems my Datamarine instruments are beginning to show signs of age and decrepitude. So I'm beginning my research for possible replacements. On my 35-3, the displays are mounted on the port cockpit bulkhead. They are, of course, big and round, and not at all like the spanky square digital...
  22. E

    Raymarine Rudder reference data

    Just thought I would pass along a note on what the Raymarine Rudder reference actually is. I am in the process of testing a unit that I have before selling it on EBay. The unit is a 5k ohm 2% linear pot made by Bourns. The part number is 6639s BKS502 and the Bourns site askes that you call them...
  23. E

    Raymarine Rudder Reference Wanted

    I keep looking on EBay for a new or used Rudder reference. They just are out of what I want to spend. So, does anyone have one they want to unload cheap? Thanks, Ethan