1. D

    Leak in holding tank or hose / hose fitting - 1989 E38 200

    Has anyone pulled out the holding tank? Any lessons learned, or tips? It looks like a bitch of a project because of its location (forward area of the cockpit locker), and the amount of dismantling that what seems to be required.
  2. Ericsean

    Ericson 38 Traveler/Compainon Hatch Removal

    I'm trying to tighten up my deck, stopping water leaks, and thought about trying to remove/reseal the companionway htch cover. Looks like a bear, I think I counted 48 screws, whitch I' m guessing are all machined screws. Also need to take off the traveler. I removed the 6 nuts from each side...
  3. R

    E35-2 rudder removal: keel height needed

    It seems early but my local yard is booking winter storage already. This year I want to drop my rudder to overhaul the foil, mechanism, replace my cutlass bearing etc. I know I need to have the boat blocked higher than usual but as I can't get down to her till next week I hoped someone who has...
  4. B

    E-27 Rudder Post Removal Problem

    I cannot get my rudder to fall out no matter what I do....the cockpit plate will not come off and the rudder will not drop.....there is no quadrant or fastener that I am missing is there? does the tube running from the hull to the underside of the cockpit attach to the tiller plate??
  5. W

    Binnacle Removal Ericson 32

    I just purchased a 1985 32' and will be removing the binnacle to address some leakage issues through the binnacle itself and into the cockpit sole which is a little spongy. I hope to drill some small holes from below decks to drain and dry the plywood core, and then inject with epoxy when dry...
  6. WBurgner

    E38 Sea Hood Removal--or not?

    Looks like I need to remove the sea hood on my E38 to replace broken stops on the hatch cover. Before tearing into this I thought I would ask if anyone has done this (remove the sea hood, that is) and see what is involved. Does the traveler need to come off? Are the attachment fittings through...
  7. J

    Rudder removal

    Hope Everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! I was hoping that someone would be able to advise me on servicing and maybe removing my rudder. I have a 32-200. When in a following sea the rudder tends to rattle around a bit in the tube, that is what I would like to stop/prevent. I am trying to...
  8. Sven

    Wood damage stain removal ?

    I think the damage is from standing water ? Right now we are just sealing it in but I'd like to know how we might remove the stains before redoing the cabin sole finish next time ? Bleach ? Something else ? -Sven
  9. Loren Beach

    E-33RH Water Heater Removal?

    Anyone here ever remove the heater tank? If so, did you have enlarge the seat hatch? Further -- what did you replace it with? Thanks, LB
  10. J

    Silicone Removal

    I tried the search engine, but failed miserably. I recall reading about various methods for removing silicone caulk and tried some.:headb: I don't recall which method I used, but it worked like a dream. Anyone remember the thread on removing silicone?? John
  11. W

    Removal spreader-shroud seizing wire

    Looks like my rigging project is moving forward: the top port and starbord shrouds and hardware are replaced. The two new middle-stays and back-stay are ready for pick-up. But, the seizing wires in the end of the spreaders won't budge. I bought some punches and also bought drill bits for my...
  12. R

    e-27 mast removal

    I have a 1977 e-27 the mast seems to be on a hinge, any one have thoughts on the best way to lower the mast? is it a one man operation using the hilards and winches?
  13. T

    1974 Ericson 27 rudder removal

    How do I remove a 1974 ericson rudder ? I have tried and it will only comes down about 2 feet and stops like if somethig was holding it. Thank you for replying.
  14. J

    Hot water tank drainage or removal

    Hi Everyone, I've been busy preparing my 28+ for the winter. Does anyone have a preferred way of draining the hot water tank? The tank is rather loose in it's mount (another jfix-it job to do:)), so I can shake it a bit. It doesn't feel like there's water in the tank, but I want to be sure...
  15. G

    32-3 galley drawer removal

    Hi guys! I have a '87 32-3 and need drawer help. The little latch that locks the drawer shut on the top drawer in the galley is loose. The wood which holds the metal tap above the drawer appears to be split. The thing slides on a plastic track, but I can't seem to find a release to completely...
  16. P

    rub rail and mast removal E27

    I'll be pulling my '76' E27' from the water shortly and will need to pull the mast. Does the mast support sit above the deck or does the mast sit below the deck? The only fastner is a slotted screw in the slot at the rear of the mast. Also is there an electrical disconnect in the mast? If so how...
  17. T

    Removal of Genoa Track

    I will need to remove the Genoa Track on my Ericson32. I can't find any nuts connecting the screws. Are the screwed directly into the deck/hull? I also need to remove the wooden handholds on the left and right side of the mast.
  18. chuckd

    E 27 Companionway Hatch removal

    Does anyone know how to remove the main hatch from an e 27 with a cabin top traveler? Will I need to remove the traveler? I need to rework the laminate on the top and I'd like to get that done in the garage. Only problem, I'm not sure how to remove the hatch, and before going and tearing off...
  19. WBurgner

    E38 Wheel Removal

    I tried to remove the Yacht Specialties wheel this afternoon and could not get it to budge. I thought that removal of the retaining nut would allow it to slide off. I see that there is a key on the shaft. If anyone has pulled the wheel I would appreciate a little info on how this all goes...
  20. bigtyme805

    E30+ Pedestal Removal

    Has anyone removed the depth/knot meter-white big metal panel? I am looking on dumping this but I do not want to replace unit just get rid of it. My thoughts are to have a U shaped stainless there. It may be already there or I may need to cut this and have the U shape welded on. any help on...