1. P

    E38-200 1986 water tank venting

    Hi , recently just bought a 38-200 1986, sold the house , moved the wife and kid on to it . To change lifestyle living and push off and cruise for a year in the next 1 1/2 years . I have done lots , it’s it a good boat , but there has been somethings . I guess my question at the moment is...
  2. B

    Water and delamination in quadrant box 1977 E31 Cruising water and delam in quadrant

    Hello, I have purchased a 1977 Ericson Cruising 31 Which has cracking and delamination in the quadrant box and the insurance company will only give a on the hard non navigational insurance policy until it been repaired. Can someone out there please help. Thanks Bill
  3. Christian Williams

    M25 Raw Water Pump Replacement

    My old Sherwood water pump started leaking this summer. A seal failed, and water and oil dribbled increasingly from the base, in which the shaft turns. At first I rigged a funnel and a tube to route the water into a jug instead of the engine drip pan, which was getting filled up. Then I closed...
  4. M

    Water tank sanitization, any advice?

    Hello all, I need some advice on how to sanitize my water tanks. I'm getting a foul sulfur like odor this year that I want to get rid of. Thanks Mike:confused:
  5. F

    Atomic 4 water pump

    OK, now I have myself worried. I came here to see if I could find out information on finding an O-ring replacement for the water pump cover plate and have been seeing threads about the impeller shaft removal. As it turns out the shaft came out on me when I replaced the impeller. I had no idea...
  6. M

    PEX plumbing for potable water

    I'm smitten by the pex tubing and sharkbite fittings I've seen. I'm putting the monel tank back in service and getting rid of three water bags a PO put into both settees. Anyone have any experience, stories or opinion on the PEX system? Thanks, Mort
  7. J

    Racor Water Seperator Filter Cartridge

    My local marine supply store is no longer stocking Racor R24S filters because "my diesel guy says the 2 micron filter is causing fuel starvation problems." The store is only offering the 10 micron filters. I've been using only 2 micron filters since forever on my 25XP. What say you? Shall...
  8. S

    Water drain in E28+ mast

    I am a relatively new owner of a 1982 E28+ and have considerable water draining down the wires in the mast that has seeped into everything (sadly and destructively) before finally getting to the bilge. The mast is stepped on the cabin top. I plan to go up the mast to seal any openings but I am...
  9. IslandTime29

    Water Heater

    Anyone here ever added a water heater to their Ericson? I have a 76 E29. I was contemplating adding one at the same time I have a washdown shower, water pump and automatic faucet for galley sink. Just not sure how much of a pain in the butt this will be! I was thinking of installing the...
  10. M

    Monel Water Tank

    Greetings. I have an E39 with what I believe is the original single monel water tank. It was abondoned by a PO, leaving me with soft water bags under the settee, both sides. I'd like to reclaim the monel tank. Do you know where the connectors should be? I've a teak and holy ply sole glued on...
  11. DanielW

    E 28 - Need to drop rudder whilst in the water

    I grounded my 91 Ericson 28 (late Pacific Seacraft model) on some rocks and the rudder has been bent out of shape and wont move. The boat is in the water in Nongsa Point Marina, Batam, Indonesia and the nearest lift out is in Singapore. The cost of a tow is scary due to the inter border...
  12. F

    Irksome water leak...can anyone help?

    I have a very irksome water leak that I have not been able to solve, and am wondering if anyone has experienced a similar leak and solved it. The water is visible right at the joint between the V-berth bulkhead and the V-berth base on the V-berth side. The woodwork at the corner (ie. the...
  13. N

    Water in the cabin

    Its been a week since i was last on the boat so i went by after work today and found there was about 3 inches of standing water in the cabin, apparently the automatic switch on the bilge pump stopped working but i think that's only a minor problem. My major question/problem is where and how do i...
  14. D

    Salt water faucet in the gallay sink on a 27

    Has anyone with an E-27 installed a salt water faucet in the galley? I was going to connect the throughhull used as a drain for the head sink (since we rarely use it) as a saltwater source. Already ran the head sink drain to the bilge. I ran the hose from the throughhull to the sink in the...
  15. B

    Fresh Water Head ?

    We are replacing our Raritan head and thought of using just fresh water. The 32-200 has a stern water tank which has never been used on this boat. I assume it is turned off at the pressure water pump?? Anyway would it not work to run the line from the stern tank directly to the Raritan pump and...
  16. R

    bilge water

    We have a 1987 32-3 and are getting water in the main bilges after a rain. Am sure it is not from the stuffing box. If no rain the bilges are dry. Am talking about the main bilges, not the shower bilge into which the mast drains. The interior cabin shows no leaks. Any ideas where I should look.
  17. Commotion

    Water in the keel E 35-2

    I bought this E 35-2 in the yard and while we were stripping the bottom paint off for barrier coat, we found water leaking out of the trailing edge of the keel. It tasted like salt water (yuck) and for the most part was pretty clear. It just kept coming, so I drilled a 1/4" hole... Ended up...
  18. P

    Bilge Water

    I am in the process of evaluating a '94 30+. She appears to be in great shape both inside and out, but I did see about 1 1/2" of water in the bilge. I expect to find the source of the water through the survey. I pumped the bilge on Sunday and I'm going to see it again on Thursday, and will be...
  19. B

    E39 Water Tanks replacement

    Hi Ericsons I'm wondering if anynoe has ever replaced the water tanks on an Ericson 39 before? I'm a little aprehensive the floor is a good inch thick, and I believe the floor take some of the transverse load of the hull? and have no idea how the tanks are mounted? Any tips hints or ideas...
  20. A

    Raw Water Pump Shaft Leak

    I have an '86 E-28 with the M12 Universal. I replaced the impeller on the Oberdorfer raw water pump at the beginning of the summer, and had no problems. However, today I noticed a water leak coming from the seal where the pump mounts to the engine. I tried to tighten the 4 cap screws, but...