A new stripe in gel coat

Stuart 28-2

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My 1988 28-2 sits a little low in the water leaving the water line mark a little higher than the white stripe intended as the water line. See photo - you can see the water line mark in the blue.
To make it look better I am considering increasing the height of the white stripe by about an inch.
Is it feasible to do a white stripe like that the full length of the boat over the top of blue gelcoat?

I'm hoping it's a job that can be done over a few days once all planning done and product in hand.

I haven't done any gelcoat work yet but will be doing other repair work first before I take this on.


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Our E35-II also sat off her lines a bit (low aft). Getting this straight was a challenging effort AND then leveling the new boot stripe (while keeping it the original thickness) was also challenging. We seeked the advise and support of the professionals and I was amazed at the complexity of the task. We did get the outcome we hoped for - but it took time, patience, and dollars. In the end, the boat looks fantastic~~


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Christian Williams

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The easy solution to marine growth under the factory boot stripe is to extend the bottom paint up -- at the cost of the attractive stripe. Many Ericsons seem to require this when loaded with gear.

But really, a yard can do anything you want with paint, which adheres fine to sanded gelcoat. Yes, a bit expensive.


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You have to choose your battles with a (in my case) 52-year-old boat. After many years of wrestling with bootstripe paint, I painted over the bootstripe with bottom paint and added a vinyl stripe above it.


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I second Christian’s suggestion. Did it myself this year and the absence of the scum line is a 28% improvement in my general waterline appearance.