Are there any drawings for E38 interior?!?


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Was planning to post pics but camera didn't cooperate, maybe the humidity?!?

I'm wondering if there are any of the original blueprints etc. for E38 interior elevations & layout. I'm missing wood components for v-berth, settee, dinette, galley casework & head. I'd like to bring her back close to original, maybe wishful thinking. If not, I'd like to @ least get the structural stuff where it needs to be & then get creative?!? I'd planned on getting creative without changing the floorplan......

Also, is there a pattern out there for the zippered headliner?!? I'd kinda like have that feature reinstalled as well. I like the faux wainscoating in the pics of Mr. Kings boat & it would be an easy fix, but.....

Any thoughts?!? As always, much appreciated!!!

Unfortunately, due to camera failure it looks like those ebay pics are the only ones available that show her prior to clean out, which is about 2/3 done @ this point. It's also 100,000,000% humidity, gallons of rain here the past couple days, thanks ALEX!!! Optimistic though, she didn't let much water in. Some of the portholes need rebedding, I suppose that happens after the panelling gets installed?!? I'm tearing out the old stuff in shreds-

There's a fair amount of wood components that I can use for patterns yea!!! & it appears that the critical bulkheads are in place. Someone took a sawzall to the fwd hanging locker, appears they took the door & left the rest...

Sawzall wielding maniac also cut into the shower pan in two spots, not sure what to do there?!?

I'll need to replace plywood bulkheads behind engine & also just fwd of the transom, decking for aft quarterberth & v-berth, nailers on the overhead (all but two are good though:)

Much more next post. It's becoming clearer every hour I'm in there. It ain't nothin' but sweat & elbow grease right?!? Right.....

Fun though, it's good to dream...:)


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Check the Resources area


Click and hold on the Resources link (to the far left of the top dark blue banner); there is a Document Archive and Download Center link on the menu that drops down. You'll find some useful information there. There are few detailed interior woodwork drawings, that our members have found, for most of the boats, but take a look. Some of us found plumbing and wiring diagrams, on blue-print paper (and very faint in my case) that were schematic-type and therefore not always useful for locating things. But they will give you some idea how the boat was arranged. From the broker pics it looks like you have forward left head and shower and the galley is aft to the right.

The shower pan may be fiberglass and if so it can be patched with cloth and epoxy

You might check around for an E38 owner nearby and ask for a tour and take some pictures. You have a major job, but I hope you can complete it and be rewarded for your hard work.