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    Morning coffee on the Corrotoman River.
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    Sunrise on the Corrotoman River.
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    Rafting up with friends on Antipoison Creek.
  4. MCD

    White smoke in E38 Universal diesel engine

    Hello Ericson community, The diesel engine (Universal M40) of our Ericson 38 exhausts white smoke when running. The issue has been here since we purchased the boat around a year ago but I would said it has become worst over the past months. I have read white smoke is associated with low heat...
  5. S

    Replacement Furler for 1981 E38

    Looking to replace the furler on my E38. Any tips, advice, experience with this? I was looking to rebuild the existing drum assembly but it's taken weeks to find out I can't get a replacement bearing. So, not looking for advice on repairing the old one. Thanks in advance Steve Hula Moon...
  6. M

    Ericson 38-200 for Sale

    A good day to all, Price reduction for my solid 1986 33-200 laying n Bermuda - listed HERE ONLY for 38k. Happily she came through Humberto which hit Bermuda this hurricane season unscathed unlike quite a few other unlucky vessels around her. Having spent over 15k in upgrades over the recent...
  7. M

    E38200 1986 for sale

    Good day fellow 'E' owners, Merrimist remains on the market and is for sale, reasonable offers considered. New owner will not be disappointed but surprisingly pleased with this boat. In addition to the info below, I have this last week purchased and installed new batteries, fitted the Raytheon...
  8. D

    1987 E-38 Keel

    Hey guys! We are in the midst of a refit and are going to launch sometime next week. Since we've been on the hard for six months, we've noticed some rusty water weeping out of our keel/hull joint. While I would love to pull/rebed the keel, the yard we are at doesn't generally do this type of...
  9. D

    For sale: 155 Genoa off Ericson 38-200

    In good+ condition according to Atlantic Sail Traders in Sarasota, FL, where it is listed for $1,100. I will sell for $750+ shipping! Inquire for exact dimensions and pictures. Located in South Florida and can demonstrate before purchase.
  10. M

    Ericson 38200 For Sale - 1986

    See link for more pictures: http://www.boattrader.bm/boats-parts-for-sale/pre-owned-boats/sailboats/cruiser-live-aboard-weekender-or-world-cruiser-capable_i1052 For Sale 1986 Ericson 38’ Shoal Draft (Planning to move to bigger sail boat, - a tough decision to sell. Nb. More than 10k spent...
  11. Shadsboat

    Spar Parts

    Is anyone else having trouble contacting Rig-Rite? I had ordered an outhaul assembly for my Kenyon boom and never got it. I have tried calling repeatedly and get no human beings - just a message system which results in nothing... If Rig-Rite is done does anyone have advice on spar parts for an...
  12. M

    e38 Electronics Upgrade musings

    G'day E Owners, the other woman, 'Merrimist', my 86' E38 has the original Datamarine sail instruments, Log, Wind speed, wind angle and Depth gauges fitted into the cockpit port side fwd of companionway, Depth being the only one working fitted. All accessible through a nice little cupboard door...
  13. P

    E38 shoal draft

    Greetings and Happy New Year, I'm interested in a 1980 E38, a gorgeous boat with all the right care, upgrades, and more. The boat has the 4'11" keel that was apparently standard in that generation. I've read the boat is "tender" in that it heels more than one with a full keel. I also understand...
  14. V

    Water Coming Up Around Keel Bolts

    My 1982 E38 is on the hard. I've owned the boat for a year, and there's always been water in the bilge, so I'm concerned about the state of the keel bolts and bedding. Therefore, I've started the process of removing, replacing, and re-torqueing the keel nuts and washers. Of twelve total, the...
  15. Christian Williams

    Chainplate Crack Cause, Effect, Theory, RFP

    The backstay chainplate of the '84 Ericson 381 was cracked. Missed by surveyor, because when a boat's transom extends past the slip, it's impossible to see without a dinghy--and when hauled out, a ladder is required. This hefty piece of stainless is 2" x 13" and almost half an inch thick. I...
  16. J

    E38 For sale? Late 80's, Early 90"s

    Hi. I am interested in moving up to an Ericson 38. I currently own an Endeavor 32. I see many for sale but none really close to me. I am located in Buffalo, NY if you hear of any please let me know.
  17. J

    E38 Owner somewhere near Buffalo, NY

    Hi. I am interested in moving up to an Ericson 38. I currently own an Endeavor 32. I see many for sale but none really close to me. I am looking for someone who owns an E 38 and wouldn't mind giving me a tour. Your boat doesn't necessarily have to be for sale. I'm just interested in looking...
  18. Shadsboat

    Universal Diesel Oil dipstick fracture

    Hi out there, My oil dipstick broke off about six inches from the end (which end now sits in my oil pan). My engine is the 32HP Universal diesel that came with the Ericson 38 in 1984. Anyone know where I can get a replacement dipstick and if there is any danger in leaving the broken end in the...
  19. V

    Sizing Mars Stability Bulbs for E38 SD

    Hello All, I'm new to these forums, having recently purchased a 1982 shoal draft E38 from forum member John Butler. Among other modifications I'm considering is adding Mars Metals (MM) "stability bulbs" to the foot of the keel. I have contacted MM for their recommendations, as I'm sure they...