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    Morning coffee on the Corrotoman River.
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    Sunrise on the Corrotoman River.
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    Rafting up with friends on Antipoison Creek.
  4. MCD

    White smoke in E38 Universal diesel engine

    Hello Ericson community, The diesel engine (Universal M40) of our Ericson 38 exhausts white smoke when running. The issue has been here since we purchased the boat around a year ago but I would said it has become worst over the past months. I have read white smoke is associated with low heat...
  5. S

    Replacement Furler for 1981 E38

    Looking to replace the furler on my E38. Any tips, advice, experience with this? I was looking to rebuild the existing drum assembly but it's taken weeks to find out I can't get a replacement bearing. So, not looking for advice on repairing the old one. Thanks in advance Steve Hula Moon...
  6. M

    Ericson 38-200 for Sale

    A good day to all, Price reduction for my solid 1986 33-200 laying n Bermuda - listed HERE ONLY for 38k. Happily she came through Humberto which hit Bermuda this hurricane season unscathed unlike quite a few other unlucky vessels around her. Having spent over 15k in upgrades over the recent...
  7. M

    E38200 1986 for sale

    Good day fellow 'E' owners, Merrimist remains on the market and is for sale, reasonable offers considered. New owner will not be disappointed but surprisingly pleased with this boat. In addition to the info below, I have this last week purchased and installed new batteries, fitted the Raytheon...
  8. D

    1987 E-38 Keel

    Hey guys! We are in the midst of a refit and are going to launch sometime next week. Since we've been on the hard for six months, we've noticed some rusty water weeping out of our keel/hull joint. While I would love to pull/rebed the keel, the yard we are at doesn't generally do this type of...
  9. D

    For sale: 155 Genoa off Ericson 38-200

    In good+ condition according to Atlantic Sail Traders in Sarasota, FL, where it is listed for $1,100. I will sell for $750+ shipping! Inquire for exact dimensions and pictures. Located in South Florida and can demonstrate before purchase.
  10. M

    Ericson 38200 For Sale - 1986

    See link for more pictures: http://www.boattrader.bm/boats-parts-for-sale/pre-owned-boats/sailboats/cruiser-live-aboard-weekender-or-world-cruiser-capable_i1052 For Sale 1986 Ericson 38’ Shoal Draft (Planning to move to bigger sail boat, - a tough decision to sell. Nb. More than 10k spent...
  11. Shadsboat

    Spar Parts

    Is anyone else having trouble contacting Rig-Rite? I had ordered an outhaul assembly for my Kenyon boom and never got it. I have tried calling repeatedly and get no human beings - just a message system which results in nothing... If Rig-Rite is done does anyone have advice on spar parts for an...
  12. M

    e38 Electronics Upgrade musings

    G'day E Owners, the other woman, 'Merrimist', my 86' E38 has the original Datamarine sail instruments, Log, Wind speed, wind angle and Depth gauges fitted into the cockpit port side fwd of companionway, Depth being the only one working fitted. All accessible through a nice little cupboard door...
  13. L

    Advice on installing air conditioning in 1994 Ericson 380

    No data.
  14. P

    E38 shoal draft

    Greetings and Happy New Year, I'm interested in a 1980 E38, a gorgeous boat with all the right care, upgrades, and more. The boat has the 4'11" keel that was apparently standard in that generation. I've read the boat is "tender" in that it heels more than one with a full keel. I also understand...
  15. V

    Water Coming Up Around Keel Bolts

    My 1982 E38 is on the hard. I've owned the boat for a year, and there's always been water in the bilge, so I'm concerned about the state of the keel bolts and bedding. Therefore, I've started the process of removing, replacing, and re-torqueing the keel nuts and washers. Of twelve total, the...
  16. Christian Williams

    Chainplate Crack Cause, Effect, Theory, RFP

    The backstay chainplate of the '84 Ericson 381 was cracked. Missed by surveyor, because when a boat's transom extends past the slip, it's impossible to see without a dinghy--and when hauled out, a ladder is required. This hefty piece of stainless is 2" x 13" and almost half an inch thick. I...
  17. J

    E38 For sale? Late 80's, Early 90"s

    Hi. I am interested in moving up to an Ericson 38. I currently own an Endeavor 32. I see many for sale but none really close to me. I am located in Buffalo, NY if you hear of any please let me know.
  18. J

    E38 Owner somewhere near Buffalo, NY

    Hi. I am interested in moving up to an Ericson 38. I currently own an Endeavor 32. I see many for sale but none really close to me. I am looking for someone who owns an E 38 and wouldn't mind giving me a tour. Your boat doesn't necessarily have to be for sale. I'm just interested in looking...
  19. Shadsboat

    Universal Diesel Oil dipstick fracture

    Hi out there, My oil dipstick broke off about six inches from the end (which end now sits in my oil pan). My engine is the 32HP Universal diesel that came with the Ericson 38 in 1984. Anyone know where I can get a replacement dipstick and if there is any danger in leaving the broken end in the...
  20. V

    Sizing Mars Stability Bulbs for E38 SD

    Hello All, I'm new to these forums, having recently purchased a 1982 shoal draft E38 from forum member John Butler. Among other modifications I'm considering is adding Mars Metals (MM) "stability bulbs" to the foot of the keel. I have contacted MM for their recommendations, as I'm sure they...
  21. C

    Ericson 38-200 General Issues Inquiry

    Hello sailors, I am considering the purchase of an Ericson 38-200 contingent to a survey! Would you please either list here (or direct me to another forum post with) typical Ericson 38-200 (late 1980s vintage) maintenance issues. I'd like to be sure that the surveyor and I are looking in...
  22. juneausailin

    Replacement Furling Unit for 1984 E38

    Hey all, looking to upgrade my headstay furling unit. Curious what models others have ended up using for their E38's. So far I have been leaning towards the ProFurl C320: http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|118|2358486|2358487&id=1792517 Any advice/suggestions for this project? Thanks...
  23. C

    Post 1987 E38 Wanted

    Hi, New to the forum. Recently interested in the E38. Like post-1987 when the arrangement was redone to the larger stateroom aft. Post-1990 would be good - I'm a southern boy now out of NOLA and the Gulf waters tend to be a bit on the thin side - so a bulb keel would be better than the deep...
  24. G

    Thank You All, S/V Spirit Soul - First movement in 19 years

    Back in 1992, the second owner of an E38 hauled the boat for a total refit. The boat was partially disassembly (removal of mast, rigging and most bolt on exterior hardware). There was a complete stripping of bottom gelcoat (due to blisters) followed by re-fairing which include 2 layers of...
  25. juneausailin

    E38 w/ hydraulic backstay adjustor

    Curious if anyone has installed one of these on their E38? http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?path=-1|118|107602|298804&id=1029786&cartId=2398456 Am thinking about doing so and am wondering if there are any lessons learned someone might have to share? -david
  26. juneausailin

    E-38 Repower Question

    Hey all, the 32 horse Universal that came in my E38 needs to be rebuilt or replaced. I found a Perkins Peramera M30 with only 50 hours on it. Am looking for opinions about the M30 having enough power and the availablility of parts for these two engines which I think are both discontinued...
  27. G

    1981 E38 Speed and Depth Sensor

    I am installing new speed and depth transducers in my 1981 E38. When I got the boat they were originally mounted on the port side of the boat about 1 foot from the keel (underneath the rear port dining seat). I would like to install the new ones forward in the hull ahead of the keel. The...
  28. footrope

    E38 Traveler Replacement - Harken

    Ending my hijack of Mr. Bugner's Sea Hood thread I've put in about 6 hours of work trying to remove the 20+ screws in the old Schaefer traveler. I have just one more screw left in the starboard side of the seahood before I can remove the track and channel. That one is a bugger because the RT...
  29. G

    e38 - 1981 - Mast Spreader Bars

    Hi All I need some help in trying to replace my mast spreader bars on a 1981 38' Ericson. I had read someplace the mast was manufactures by Lefiell, but I spoke with them and they claim not to have manufactured it and have no spreader bars. The bars look like a basic Aluminum rectangle bar...
  30. Ericsean

    New Sails for E-38

    I'm shopping around for a new main, and possibly a 110 for my E-38. A couple of guys are offering multisail discounts. Sounds crazy, but I'm wondering if anyone else is shopping now and may want to combine on an order to get deeper discount. Contacted quite a few lofts, and narrowed down...
  31. G

    e38 - 1981 - rudder motion stiff

    I am curious as to the amount of force it should take to turn the rudder. The boat I have was on the hard when I got it and the rudder was very stiff. Have dropped the rudder and cleaned out alot of old caked grease and debris. Replaced the Rudder packing with new. 1/4" packing was to small, did...
  32. G

    e38 - 1981 - prop shaft stuffing box hose replacement

    Looking for some advice on replacement of the prop shaft stuffing box hose. The original stuffing box and shaft log seem to be 1 5/8". The original stuffing box hose was 4 ply. The 1 5/8" does not seem to be a common size for stuffing box replacements so a new 4 ply hose does not seem to be...
  33. U

    E38 Bulkhead replacement questions galore

    I am replacing pretty much all the bulkheads in my E38 ('83 #77). I'm wondering about the possibility of changing positions (or eliminating) various bulkheads. My plan originally was to restore back to original, but I could also go custom w/ her (I can always change her back)- Obviously I...
  34. T

    Rudder Grease Fittings on E-38

    I have a 1980 E38, but a manual from the newer 200 model. The manual says there are two grease fittings on the rudder post, one near the top under the cockpit floor and another where the rudder enters the hull. The top one is easy to spot. However, for the life of me, I cannot find the lower...
  35. R

    E38 rub rail - aluminum corroded

    It is even bent in some places. where can I purchase new profile ? Thaks! http://www.flickr.com/photos/10097954@N03/5114620568/
  36. R

    An interesting/annoying E38 leak....

    Heres a new one I've never seen or heard of before: On my E38 there is an engine bilge that is separate from the rest of the bilge system, no limber holes. I assume this is to collect any engine fluids and keep them from entering the main bilge. Good idea. There is also a fiberglass...
  37. S

    Add a Mast Head Wind Speed and Direction Sensor on a E38

    My local boat yard is advising me that it would likely be necessary to remove the mast to place a wind indicator at the mast head of my E38. Is this necessary or can the wiring just be dropped down inside and through from above? Thanks Jeff Hart
  38. S

    E-38 Article in Blue Water Sailing Magazine

    There is an article in the Sept edition of BWS magazine by Taryn & Stephen Toman of the E38 Synchronicity. I tried to find an on line link but couldn't. It is an interesting article of their maiden trip from Baltimore to Bermuda. Stephen is an experienced blue water cruiser but this voyage...
  39. u079721

    E38 with Windlass

    I spent a few days in Bayfield, WI last week, and walked the dock at some fancy marina where I must have seen at least 10 Ericsons, including two 38s. I noticed that one of them had a windlass mounted, something that you don't see very often. Looks pretty nice. But then I walked...
  40. T

    What is best Emergency Stay for E38

    Just took our boat to San Diego from Olympia. Realized I really should get a back up stay in the event of a failure, despite brand new rigging. Has anyone rigged up a t-ball (t-ring with a length of the new high tech, low stretch rigging that would be equal to the largest stay (9/32 or 5/16) to...
  41. T

    Freshwater pump issue in E38

    Just replaced the freshwater pump in my E38. The pump cycles from time to time, even when water isn't being run. In addition, each time it "burps" a bit of water out of the faucet for the freshwater foot pump. I have an accumulator tank installed. I've given the system a cursory check for air...
  42. U

    Removing peeling paint inside E38 hull

    I've got peeling/flaking paint on certain areas of the inside of the hull. There's also areas where there's no paint, the areas that you don't see behind & under stuff- I want to remove all the flaking paint. Scraper works to a certain extent but it's not a surface that lends itself to this...
  43. D

    84 e38 with blisters, still buy???

    So I am looking at a 1984 E38 shoal draft. So far I love it. Went to get the thing surveyed and its was evident there about 1 in. or so sized blisters covered the underside of the hull. Because of I lowered my offereing price but am looking for opinions as to weather or not you would purchase a...
  44. WBurgner

    E38 Bilge Pump Configurations

    I have been having problems with my electric bilge pump set up and it got me to wondering what others have found to be a bullet proof set up. I am not sure if it is the factory set up, but I have Water Puppy pumps for both the shower sump and bilge located in the starboard cockpit locker...
  45. U

    E38 (& many others) deck non-skid questions

    I have questions regarding non-skid on my E38 which is the same as this Columbia 26MKII that I have here. The PO of the C26 painted over the non-skid (& the rest of the deck). The paint is flaking up on the non-skid but seems to be sticking well to the rest of the deck. This is probably a...
  46. C

    E38 Backstay Chainplate Cracked

    My 1984 E38's backstay chainplate cracked inexplicably last weekend. I'm perplexed because I wouldn't expect there it ever to be under that significant a load. I cruise in the Santa Barbara channel. My rigger is going to have a new one fabricated, but in order to do so I'll need the...
  47. U

    Need a shower pan for E38

    Here's a good one, can anyone help out here?!? Someone took a sawzall to the shower pan, not sure how they're supposed to look, but this one looks to have been cut apart?!? Will post pic.....
  48. U

    Need a holding tank for E38...

    All the other tanks are there, lucky. What are my options?!? I'm assuming it's stainless steel?!?$$$!!! Thoughts?!? Much appreciated, as always-
  49. T

    E38 Propane cylinders

    I need to get a couple new propane cylinders before heading south from PNW. Although I like the idea of a clearview (fiberglass) cylinder, I can't seem to find one that will fit in the propane locker(s). The locker seems to be about 17 inches high (even 17 1/4 won't fit and this include the...
  50. U

    Are there any drawings for E38 interior?!?

    Was planning to post pics but camera didn't cooperate, maybe the humidity?!? I'm wondering if there are any of the original blueprints etc. for E38 interior elevations & layout. I'm missing wood components for v-berth, settee, dinette, galley casework & head. I'd like to bring her back...
  51. D

    Pics of E38 shoal draft underbody please???

    Anyone have any pics of the underside of a e38 with the standard shoal draft?
  52. T

    E38 Spinnaker configuration and pole

    I have a brand new spinnaker just waiting to be used. I'm trying to sort out the best configuration for running the topping lift and foreguy. I see the obvious mast fitting for a block for the topping lift, but what is the best way to run the line. There is also a fitting on the foredeck...
  53. U

    E38 interior rehab, big job!!!

    Pics will be forthcoming, also a link to my personal site. My name is Frank (you may have guessed) & I'm a woodworker w/ a fair amount of professional experience in a variety of disciplines. This project represents my first major foray into boat carpenter-ing, a new & exciting challenge...
  54. D

    Bluewater cruising in an E38??

    New to this group but getting very close to buying a 1982 Ericson 38 with the intention of doing some ocean cruising (South Pacific to Australia in mind). Ive been reading a lot about cruising in this boat and a lot of people say they would not. Does anyone have any experience or any opinions...
  55. Sven

    E38 question on Cruisers Forum

    From: http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f47/ericson-38-shoal-draft-thoughts-42796.html if anyone wants to answer. -Sven
  56. B

    E-38 Windlass Install

    Hi there, We are new owners of an E-38 and are wanting to install a windlass. The anchor locker scenario is new to us as our old boat had access to the windlass from below but no anchor locker. If anyone has pictures of a completed project we would very much appreciate the input. What...
  57. T

    Urgent question on E38 spreader

    Am about to step mast back into my e38 after rerigging. Stupid, I did not note how the intermediate and upper spreaders feed through spreader. On is fore and the other aft, split by a sacrificial divider. Any ideas? Am planning to step tomorrow am and would prefer not to have to go back up to...
  58. WBurgner

    E38 Head Faucet

    I have a head faucet that has one of the plastic knobs stripped allowing it to turn without opening the tap. Replacement knobs don't seem to match up well enough to work, so I will replace the whole faucet set. If I get a household faucet set will the fittings make for a direct connection or...
  59. WBurgner

    E38 Bow Light

    Anyone know the manufacturer and model number of the bi-color light on the bow of the E38's circa 1984? Mine is broken and I need to order a replacement, but I am two hours away from the boat. It looked like a small Aqua Signal and the top piece I brought home is identified "SK79". I have not...
  60. R

    E38 instruments/chartplotter at the helm

    Someone wanted a pic a long while back of the instruments/chartplotter installation on my E38. Maybe LBertran? Can't remember, but I finally remembered to get the pic! I can't take credit for moving them from the cockpit bulkhead to the helm, the PO did that, I just updated them and left them...
  61. toddbrsd

    E38 ? in Alamitos Bay Marina

    To the owner of this boat. Took these while heading back in today. They are a little distant, but hope you enjoy them anyway. Beautiful boat BTW. I can email the full size files to you if you would like. You may be able to zoom in a little more.
  62. E

    Fresh Water Leak E-38

    WE had a very cold einter this year in Annapolis. Even though the boat was winterized by the yard I apprently have a split water line from the front bow tank. Has any one replaced the water lines and does any one have a diagram of the water system?
  63. Ericsean

    E-38 Standing Rigging

    I'm about to change my standing rigging on my 1980 E-38, which I'm guessing is original. Looking at the specs in the manual, I saw an option for a single pair of heavier lowers, inlieu of the standadrd two pair of forward/aft lowers. Any one fave this set up? I'm curios how it works and...
  64. T

    Mast Work on E38

    I am unstepping my mast and replacing all standing rigging over the next month. I plan to inspect everything carefully and replace anything with problems before an upcoming offshore passage down the West Coast from the Puget Sound. I'd like advice on what I should particularly look for on our...
  65. B

    1981 E38 anchor locker / bow cleats advice w/pictures

    1981 E38 anchor locker / bow cleats advice (PICTURES) So as most projects go I started this with the intent of finishing in a day. I wanted to replace the forward bow cleats and re-bed all forward hardware. The PO has installed a custom aluminum bracket under the weak anchor pan. He wanted it...
  66. markvone

    1981 Ericson 38 Monterey, CA $35K!

    I saw this on Craigs List: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/scz/boa/1647313066.html Lots of pics, looks pretty nice! No connection to the boat or seller. Mark
  67. mark reed

    Living aboard our E38

    My wife and I have been living aboard our E38 for the past 7 months now, cruising from Oregon down the California coast to Mexico. We have been as far south as Manzanillo, and are now headed north towards the Sea of Cortez for spring. We didn't really envision doing a cruise of this length...
  68. WBurgner

    E38 Sea Hood Removal--or not?

    Looks like I need to remove the sea hood on my E38 to replace broken stops on the hatch cover. Before tearing into this I thought I would ask if anyone has done this (remove the sea hood, that is) and see what is involved. Does the traveler need to come off? Are the attachment fittings through...
  69. J

    E-38 forward anchor hatch

    Currently installing a windless and decided to paint the hatch underside. So i removed the hatch and noticed some excess moisture dripping from the edge and decided to do some investigative work only to fine the balsa core soaked. my question is, does this hatch require a core product for...
  70. R

    E38 direct hatch replacement?

    Hello All, I have a leaking main salon hatch on my E38, the big 24" by 24" unit just aft of the mast. Its original, looks like its leaking from the frame seam, or catch rivets, bedding, etc. There is enough corrosion to warrant replacement. Does anyone know of a hatch that is a direct...
  71. Ericsean

    E-38 Mast Crane

    Has anyone installed a spinnaker mast crane on a E-38 with the "wing" halyard configuration? I know its supposed to work, but I'm getting tired of seeing my crew hanging on the chute trying to drop, especially after we've had to jybe onto the other tack befor the leeward mark. Would still...
  72. Ericsean

    E-38 Standing Rigging

    Need to replace my standing rigging on 1980 e-38. Trying to get an idea how much to budget. Wondering how much additional rod rigging would be. Broke intermediate shroud on starboard side today 1n 20 knots racing today. Surprised that it broke at the top T-BALL swage connection. I...
  73. WBurgner

    Coolant Overflow Reservoir - E38

    While servicing my engine this week I got to looking closely at the coolant overflow reservoir. This has always been empty and I assumed it was for expansion should the engine overheat. I keep the water level at the manifold just below the lip at the cap. The cap on this bottle is a make shift...
  74. D

    E38 with 5432 - Normal rpm and boat speed?

    Recently noticed our E38 seemed a little sluggish under power, GPS indicated 4.7 knots with the throttle wide open... relatively slack water and calm conditions. Engine seems to run fine but rpm will not go over 2100 rpm. Linkage adjustment seems ok, there is no more room to push the...
  75. T

    Riding Sail for E-38

    Anyone have one? Did you make or buy? How do you mount it? Do you have a bimini back there too? I want to make one but am struggling as I have a bimini and if I use the main halyard the boom bounces around some on the rigid vang spring. As most owners will I'm sure agree the E-38 can sail around...
  76. F

    E-32 owner wants info on E-38

    Hi there, I bought a 1985 E-32 shoal draft a year and a half ago and really love it. I h ave been extensively rebuildidng and upgrading it ever since. Racing it too. It just makes me feel good to be on her, or s pending the night, or entertaining. But we Vikings all know that feeling well...
  77. T

    Cockpit Cushions E-38

    Looking at replacing these as the ones we have are spent. The boat is for sale but we are taking a 2 week cruise to New England and I cant imagine doing it with the cushions we have. So I have limited time to get them made, leaving July 9th. I want them made with sunbrella tops, mesh bottoms...
  78. D

    Upgraded 1990 E38 for quick sale - SOLD

    Father's sudden death forces firesale of his dreamboat. Over $50,000 spent on upgrades and improvements since 2006, including new sails, new lines, new Raymarine nav with E120 & E80 chartplotters, freshly painted hull, new Iverson Dodger, new Vacuflush system, new Force Ten stove, new...
  79. P

    Wanted E-38 200

    Wanted shoal draft E-38-200, preferrably in Florida. Email pperisho@embarqmail.com Phone 239-945-3063 Thank you, Paul
  80. D

    E38 shower

    Always being on the hunt for more storage, I was wondering if anybody knows what is under the shower seat on an early 38. I was thinking about putting a waterproof door to access the area. There are bolts under the sink and v-berth going into the area, but I doubt they go all the was through...
  81. D

    E38 Battery Replacement - deep cycle or dual purpose?

    Hello - I was hoping to tap the forum again for a little guidance. I've decided to replace the 3- group 31 batteries on Magellanes this spring... boat is wired with a house bank (2 batteries) and a separate switch for the engine battery. All 3 can be paralleled together. The batteries on the...
  82. T

    E38 Mast Circumference

    I need a new mast boot so am planning on making one out of vinyl. Unfortunately my 1981 E38 is 4 hours away. Does anyone know the circumference of the mast and of the mast collar?
  83. T

    Fuel Consumption for E-38 W/5432?

    I read the thread on the E-35 and it seems the consensus was about 3/4 gal per hour but it sounded like most people were say "yeah that sounds about right". I'm hoping to find someone with an E-38 with the Universal 5432 that can say something like "On our trip to XX we averaged XX/hour" I'm...
  84. C

    E-38 Kismet for Sale

    It's killing us but economic circumstances force us to put Kismet up for sale. This is the first and only place I'll list for a while since I'd like to place her with someone serious about owning a great boat. After a few weeks I guess we'll have to list her with a broker. She's a 1983 E-38...
  85. W

    Wiring harness on E38 - 200

    When I installed speakers in the salon of my E38 I was real happy to find that speaker wire had been run to the V berth at manufacture. When I prepared to install refrigeration it was great to discover that wire had been run from the control panel to the galley and back to the lazerette...
  86. mark reed

    racing spinnaker for sale (E38 or ?)

    North 3/4 oz tri-radial w/ ATN snuffer, 3 guys/sheets. Came with the boat, we have never used it. It is like new (crispy!). I've been told the dimensions (L/L=45'6", F=25'2") aren't regulation for our E38. For pictures, go to: http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/boa/1117939488.html
  87. S

    Looking for an E38

    Does anyone know the owner or other information about the E38, Cassiopeia, located in BC? I thought I'd seen her listed here, but I may be mistaken. thanks, Sue
  88. Dferr

    E-38 Cutlass bearing

    Happy New Year all! I tried to do a search on this, but didn't find it. Anyway, does anyone know the correct size Cutlass bearing I need for my 1982 E-38? I measured 5 1/2" long x 1 1/4 OD, does that sound correct? Also, I don't find any set screws in the strut, is that correct? Should I go...
  89. R

    heat exchanger zinc in 1981 E38?

    I recently read about another boat that had a zinc in the heat echanger. It was at or part of the drain plug. Does anyone know if a 1981 Ericson 38 has a zinc in it's heat exchanger? It would save me some time and effort of going and looking. Thanks.
  90. C

    E38 / E381 / E38-200 iterations (?)

    can someone tell me if this is the same boat
  91. Ericsean

    E-38 Strut

    After removing my prop last week, I noticed my strut moving quite a bit. Anyone have an experience trying to fix this?
  92. Sven

    Cost of refurbishing E38 standing rigging ?

    What are ballpark costs that one should expect in refurbishing the standing rigging of an E38 ? Truly ballpark ... 2, 4, 8, $16K or more ? Thanks, -Sven
  93. K

    Looking for an E38 either layout

    I am looking to purchase a 1981-1990 E38 of either layout. I am located in Elizabeth City North Carolina so east coast and texas locations best for me to travel. Thanks for any help.:)
  94. A

    For sale E38 in SF Bay

    Will be selling a 1981 E38 in the SF Bay area soon. Thought I’d start here. She is in good overall condition, could use cosmetic work topsides. Original Universal 5432 diesel runs well. A few bags of sails. Interior is clean, with good condition teak and holly sole and newer upholstery...
  95. W

    Galley console in E38

    The ice box and sink console in my '90 E38-200 project perpendicular from the port hull to midships where, it appears, it is tabbed once to the hull (TRFG) in the forward starboard corner. That tab was broken when I bought the boat and I've never asked how it happened (shudder). The tab held...
  96. S

    Offshore E-38

    I"ve owned my E38 for two years now and while I have sailed a friends boat from Sidney BC to San Francisco I am wondering how the E 38 handles in the typically large quartering or following seas . Has anyone out their taken their E to San Fran or other similar offshore jaunt that can offer how...
  97. footrope

    E38 Rudder bearing (bushing?) maintenance

    I've been reading some good threads on the rudder bearing and bushing maintenance that some of you have done. It helped me a lot when I dropped the rudder yesterday in the yard to clear the way for the prop shaft to be removed. We dropped it before putting the stands in place, and only had to...
  98. R

    Delaminating E38 rudder skin?

    Hello All, Currently stripping the bottom on my E38 and was working on the rudder today. I noticed that there is a section, maybe 18" long (vertically) and 12" wide on one side of the rudder that "bounces" when you push on it? The shape of the area is elliptical and when I tap on the area it...
  99. R

    E38 quadrant reinforcement pics

    Hello All, I completed the reinforcement plate to allow the installation of a belowdeck autopilot ram on the steering quadrant of my E38. The reinforcement plate is made of G10 or fiberglass laminate material that is 1/2" thick with additional spacers of the same material but 1" thick. The...
  100. Ericsean

    Main Hatch Gasket, 1980 E-38

    Has anyone replaced the gasket on the main hatch? I'm looking for a supplier.