1. P

    m25 drawings

    Does any one know where I can find measured drawings for the Universal m25 engine? I'm thinking of replacing my m25 with a m25xpb on my E32-3. I have drawings with dimensions for the xpb but can't find a similar drawing (with dimensions) for my old m25. I want to compare the two to see if a...
  2. U

    Are there any drawings for E38 interior?!?

    Was planning to post pics but camera didn't cooperate, maybe the humidity?!? I'm wondering if there are any of the original blueprints etc. for E38 interior elevations & layout. I'm missing wood components for v-berth, settee, dinette, galley casework & head. I'd like to bring her back...
  3. Shamwari

    Question about (submitting) drawings

    One of the threads talked about interest in plans being downloaded. If someone can tell me how to download files and where they should go - I have some drawings in PDF and DWG format for an e-27 and my e-39 that i've drawn from measurements of my boats. I'd be happy to send them if I knew how...
  4. C

    E35II Fuel Tank Replacement Drawings

    Here it is....the Design Drawings for an E35II Fuel Tank Replacement :nerd: The footprint is the same as the Original and increases the height by 6". This provides an increased 15ga of capacity to a 37ga total. The construction is 3/16" welded aluminum. The fill is moved from the Cockpit...
  5. N

    E35-2 drawings

    Hello I have reached an hiatus point in my proposed purchase of the cheap E35-2 I bought on ebay. My problem is this: whilst falling asleep last night dreaming of beautiful sails in my new boat, a sudden and horrible acronym popped into my head; RCD. I am not sure if this means much in the US...
  6. V

    E-38 architect's drawings

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Bruce King's hull plan for the Ericson 38? I am trying to re-establish the design waterline. Prior to awlgripping the hull 2 months ago, my 38 was stern heavy, probably due to the diesel tank under the aft stateroom, a full lazerette, and O/B motor...
  7. V

    Mechanical drawings for E-34

    Has anyone found a resource to get copies of subassembly drawings for older Ericsons. I have a 1978 34 and need to repair/replace the aluminum keel sump and rib structure. It would be very helpful to have the original drawings for this weldment. Any information would be very helpful...
  8. M

    E23 lines, Drawings

    I am looking for a set of drawings or lines for the E23 Mk 2. I would like to do a solid model in some CAD software with them. I am also an RC sailor and might like to do a scale model of my full size boat. I could also work from a table of offsets. Anything would be a help. Any ideas...
  9. Mindscape

    32-3 Line Drawings

    Does anyone know if the line drawings for the 32-3 are available?