Bowsprit Anyone??


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Hey, Pajo!

I put a SS bail on the end of my anchor-roller, and installed a block there for a tack-line. It is secured with a "fast-pin", doesn't get in the way of my anchor when stowed, and can be removed in an instant when it is time to anchor. It generally gets the tack of the asym "just enough" in front of the headstay to make it work.

Might be worth a try before you put a lot of time or money into installing a bowsprit...

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This is a great idea for a tack-line and it’s similar to one I did on my E32 but in my case I had a s/s “U” shape welded to the outside of the anchor roller and towards the front. (Sorry I don’t have a photo) I felt that was a lot more secure then a bail attached with just screws but everyone has their preference.