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Hi Sean,

I suggest adding, "Ron Holland" after the 33 as it is for the 36 II

Thanks or taking this project on! For all you do, You are a wonder!!!

Thank You!
Done - thanks!

@Christian Williams , I will contact you separately about the E38s and will also reach out to @Glyn Judson on the E36s and E31s... If anyone else has any info on any of the production runs from PSC, please advise as we're still missing much. WIP version of the accompanying table for this document is shown below.


Model No.AKACompanyProd StatProd EndHIN StartHIN EndTot ProdComment
23MK1Ericson Yachts196819701165165
23MK2Ericson Yachts19741979201470270
25MK1Ericson Yachts197219781384384
25MK2Ericson Yachts19791984501693193
26MK1CrealockEricson Yachts196619691190190
26MK2PacerEricson Yachts1967196811111
26MK3Ericson Yachts1984?200??
26MK4300 SeriesPacific Seacraft1987?300??
27MK1Ericson Yachts19711979113021302
28MK1Ericson Yachts1980198450159494
28MK2Ericson Yachts1985?600??
29MK1Ericson Yachts197019792626625
30MK1Ericson Yachts196619701150150
30MK2Ericson Yachts1977197914747
30MK3Pacific Seacraft1979?501??
31MK131CEricson Yachts1976197812726Hull No. 13 was not produced
31MK2IndependenceEricson Yachts19781981287144
32MK1ScorpionEricson Yachts1967196712424
32MK2Ericson Yachts19691978101573473
32MK332-200Pacific Seacraft1985?601??1985-1990
33MK1Ron HollandEricson Yachts1981198412828
34MK134REricson Yachts1977197812121
34MK234TEricson Yachts1977197910114141
34MK3350Pacific Seacraft1986?201??1988-1990
35MK1Ericson Yachts1967196814545
35MK2Ericson Yachts19691981102612511
35MK3Ericson Yachts19821998111??
36MK136CEricson Yachts1975197716666
36MK2Ron HollandEricson Yachts1981198413232
37MK1Ericson Yachts1973197515353
38MK1Ericson Yachts197919871126126
38MK2380 SeriesPacific Seacraft1993?1986-1990
38MK2381 SeriesPacific Seacraft1982198650153939
38MK3382 SeriesPacific Seacraft1985198620023031
38MK3Pacific Seacraft1987?231??
39MK1AEricson Yachts197019791106106
39MK2BEricson Yachts1974197820122121
39MK2SMEricson Yachts1971????
41MK1Ericson Yachts1967197015050
46MK1Ericson Yachts1971197422322
O25Olson 25Ericson Yachts1984130
O30Olson 30Pacific Boats19781984250
O34Olson 34Pacific Boats198619861
O34EOlsonEricson Yachts1988199039
O911SOlson 911Ericson Yachts19871990?
Total Hulls Produced:5610