Suggestions for Polishing A Gas Tank


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I have a 1983 25+. The twenty gallon :esad:alumimum tank is orginial.
After running the engine a 9.9 outboard for five hours, fouling of the gas filters occured. We have been changed the filters twice and now installed temporay tank with new hoses. This seems to have eliminated the orginial problem.
My question is how to you safely pump the water and residue from the old tank without removing, cutting, or using an electric pump which might cause sparking. The boat will be on the hard after November14th.
Any thoughts are appreciated!

John Myatt "The Patty D"

Randy Rutledge

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Remove the pickup tube and clean it and all fittings, insert the pickup of your pump through the hole and pump out all you can. You might add a mix of gas and carb cleaner (Test a couple of drops of straight carb cleaner on the outside of the tank for a few minutes and if it etches the metal don’t use or at least not in high concentrations.)and let that soak for a while then add more gas and pump out. Filter the mix and reuse to rinse several times then repeat with fresh gas and if it pumps out clear you are done.
For this I would buy a cheep automotive electric fuel pump at the local auto parts store. You could get a large inline filter and run the pump to circulate the gas to clean things out more thoroughly. Repeat with fresh gas.

Shots are of my E29 tank. The problem was corrosion due to water in the gas tank. You can see the water line.


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