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Hmm... don't seem to have one in the marina, but there are live webcams all around it. This one is across the river looking back at the marina. The sandbar barely visible there is in the middle of the river.

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The live view was not working so I cleared out history, closed browser, and tried it again.
Seems to bring up the live view OK, now.
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Roger Janeway

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This webcam from the UCLA dock shows the main channel of Marina del Rey heading out to the ocean. It looks roughly WSW.



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This webcam is on one of the water intake cribs for the City of Cleveland. I can pick out where my marina is on a clear day.

Another webcam on a nice restaurant on the shoreline with a great view of Cleveland.

Here's a screen grab of the second webcam from April 2017 when I had the lake to myself on a flat but windy day. You can spot me on the left in the foreground of Browns Stadium. See that clump of trees in the foreground of the tallest building? That's where my marina is - right behind the freighter unloading taconite.


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Here's the webcam at the Port of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, WA. You can see the ferry landing and yacht harbor.

Port of Friday Harbor

My E34 is actually a half-mile to the South, at Shipyard Cove Marina. My place is smaller and a lot less fancy. No webcam, but I like it just fine. It's the unofficial marina for the Friday Harbor Sailing Club, and home of the venerable Friday evening Scalawags Race.


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