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Water Pump to Heat Exchanger
While changing out my impeller earlier this year on my Westerbeke 10 Two, I also attempted to remove the zinc in the heat exchanger (expecting that it might have not been replaced recently/ever). It's kind of tight access, and I didn't want to bend it all up by cranking on it. All I was...
KS Dave
Sigla came with a SEAFLO 750 bilge pump located in the center bilge compartment (crudely wired directly from the battery) and leftover wiring from an old Rule pump in the aft bilge. I replaced the SEAFLO wiring with proper terminals and stranded wire (my very first project). But the pump bit...
Being a new boat owner, every day is a new day. Our boat does not have a trailer. Something to consider for the future, but for now, we have to overwinter in the slip. Thankfully, we belong to a great sail-only yacht club that has even better members. Since we're in Kansas, ice is always a...
Actually, we do. While running the engine the first time, I noticed it got pretty hot (still wasn't sure if I could even trust the gauges), but it wasn't spitting water. I had a pretty good idea of the cause. Thankfully, I think (hope) we avoided any permanent damage. Yeah, tons of people...
Our boat had sat lonely in the slip for a year. She was checked on via video. When the bilge got too full, someone came to break the airlock on the auto bilge pump. Come wintertime, the aerator was splashed to keep the ice at bay. But she wasn't taken out last season. So, there's a year of...

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