1. M

    Pontos winches

    Does anyone have any experience with the 4 speed winches made by Pontos? I have watched the videos and the "grinder" looks interesting. My Barient winches are going strong but must wear out eventually.
  2. G

    Barient 24 2-speed winches (pair) for sale

    I listed these earlier on eBay but they did not sell. Now I lowered the price to $200 for the pair! These were the primary winches off a 1985 Ericson 32. They work great. We switched to self-tailers. Selling as a pair only. NO RESERVE! Pick up in So Cal for no shipping fee! here is the link...
  3. footrope

    Barient Winch Story

    I don't know if this is true. It was interesting, anyway.
  4. P

    Barient 25 (?) for Sale

    For sale is an old but never used Barient 25, so it says on the head. It was the main sheet winch for a new 1980 Valiant 32. I have had it in storage ever since then and has never been mounted (makes a hell of a door stop!!). It is Non-self tailing. Asking a firm $600.00 Now, the interesting...
  5. G

    Barient 24 winches (2) for sale

    I just upgraded to self-tailing Lewmars on my 32-3 and put the old Barients on eBay. 2-speeds, work perfectly. Selling as a pair only unless I don't get any bites. I can't decide if its better to sell as a pair on eBay or not. - Someone may not want to bid twice for two different winches - but...
  6. R

    Barient 2 speed 21ST issues?

    One of my concerns noted in my survey was play in the drums of the genny winches. I could grab the drum and rock it on the the shaft. The same for both winches. They (as with the rest of the winches) are pretty gummed up so it is hard to tell how this would affect their performance. Deducting...
  7. K

    Barient ST27

    Lookin at some winch options here. I may be looking for a new or 2 new primary's. One has a worn (scored shaft) and rattles a bit when taking up sheet slack real fast. I noticed the scoreing when servicing last year and have just put up with it's noisey fuction until last weekend when it...
  8. Loren Beach

    Barient/Barlow power ratios I was looking around the web for a way to compare these with today's winch nomenclature. Nowadays winches are spec'd out with the final power ratio, with a 10" handle. (Or at least that's what the ads say and they never mention friction loses.) I saved...
  9. F

    West Marine Barient Winch Kit

    Is the Barient winch maintenance kit available from West Marine useful? Will those parts (pawls & Springs & retaining rings) fit a Barlow 15? I've got a winch that turns but doesn't click anymore. Fred Ericson 23-2 Ad Astra...
  10. B

    Barient 24 Winch

    I see the maintenance and service documentation for Barient 23 winches in the documentation section of the EYO site, but I have been unable to locate the same for the Barient 24. Even my searches of the web have been unsuccessful. Can anyone steer me to this info?
  11. Guy Stevens

    Barient 2 speed coffee grinder

    In Excellent Shape, no corrosion, recently dissasembled, cleaned, lubed and reassembled per specs. Off of a fresh water boat. Works Perfectly. I can ship, but it would have to go shipping truck. Also I have picked up a set of parts to make it into an electric winch. Motor, mounting and...
  12. treilley

    Barient 27st winches wanted

    My drums are shot so I am looking for replacement winches that still have good drums. The outsides are fine but the anodizing on the inside where the bearings ride has worn down. Maybe I can sell the old ones as bobble head winches!
  13. treilley

    '85 35-3 Barient winch questions

    I noticed last night while racing that one of my primary jib sheet winches is getting wobbly on it's base. Can anyone tell me what this might need? Arco sells parts for the winches but no specific service kits. What parts should I need? I would like to get them ordered today without going...
  14. L

    Barient #18 Winch For Sale

    This two speed winch comes off an E35-3 and serves as the genoa halyard winch. It's in excellent condition and recently cleaned and greased. The gear ratio is 1st-1:1 and second 3.6:1. The power ratio is 1st-6.7:1 and 2nd-24:1. $150+ Shipping.
  15. L

    Barient 19 Self Tailing Winch

    This is a high quality 2 speed Barient Winch. Gear ratio is 1st: 2.3:1 and 2nd: 5.3:1 Power Ratio is 1st- 15.3:1 and 2nd- 35.3:1. Winch is in good condition and currently in use on an E35-3. Winch has been regularly serviced. The only flaw is a slapping noise when it reaches the limit of it's...
  16. B

    Barient winch parts

    While out sailing here in the desert of Eastern Washington on the Snake River today one of my winches decided to self destruct. We were beating to wind and just finished tightening up the jib, pulled off the winch handle, and the top plate of the winch decided to go for a swim. Gone...
  17. mark reed

    removing drum nut on Barient 32ST primary winch?

    I hate to admit that I haven't serviced my primary winches in the 4 years that I've owned the boat! I know I'm way overdue. The first step is to remove the drum nut, and I can't loosen either one of them! I've removed this same part with no problem on other winches, but these won't budge...
  18. wheelerwbrian

    Barient 21 Self Tailing Problem

    I have a Barient self tailing two speed number 21 on my 1988 Ericson 38, its for my mainsheet. Since I took custody of the boat last year it has screeched when cranked. I took it apart for servicing recently and figured out what was going on. For some reason the four shoulder screws (pt#...
  19. Mindscape

    Measurements for Barient 10 and 18

    Does anyone know have the measurements for the base diameter and height for the cabin top winches on a 32-3. They are Barient 10's and an 18. I'm looking at replaceing these and would like to get something close. Looked in the docs section and didn't find anything. Still searching on the...
  20. C

    Barient #18 winches- maintenance

    I was cleaning & lubing my winches ( First time) yesterday. The big boy #22 was easy to take apart, it has the plate with opposing holes on top. It unscrewed easily and drom removal was also easy. The #18 does not have the holes, but the op guide indicates it has a snap ring around the...