1. O

    E27 deck core replacement & painting

    I present to you my recently acquired 1973 Ericson 27. As a first-time, totally misguided, and overly optimistic boat owner, I figured she just needed a little TLC to get her rollin'. Apart from two frozen winches, a busted portlight, a steady leak at the prop shaft and the termite-ridden...
  2. E

    Wet core material

    The hole into which the latch on my chain locker door rests was cracked open. I took a Dremel tool and cut away the outside and have started digging out (balsa?) wood. At first the stuff that came out was black. More digging brought yellow wood but you could squeeze water out of it. Digging...
  3. M

    E27 Deck Core Repair Questions

    I am the proud new owner of a '73 Ericson 27. Of course there is a rather lengthy list of upgrades, repairs and general maintenance needed. First on my list is probably the most involved project needed on the boat. The deck floor in the cockpit area - from the collar area around the tiller...
  4. mherrcat

    Deck core

    Just came across an old (2003) thread that mentions Ericson's "apparent" use of "Divinycell" in the deck core construction rather than balsa. (The poster was the owner of a 1984 35 II.) Is this true and what is "Divinycell?"
  5. wolly bugger

    rotten core repair

    I just finished removing all the rotten core I had at the bow. Since the damaged area was within the anchor locker, and the bottom skin as been damaged by the smallish fender washer used, I decided to attack it from the bottom. Here is my first question; I left a lip of the old bottom skin of...
  6. K

    Rotten core at the bow

    There are a few things about the 1974 E27 that we have concerns with. Another is that the bow of the boat on the deck is very springy/squishy. I've read basically every thread on this site and other about rotten cores. The rot extends about 20 inches back from the bow. The PO replaced a...
  7. Sven

    Surprise, balsa core not sealed in mast hole !

    I was amazed (as was the rigger) to find that the hole cut for the mast some 32 years ago had not been sealed. The exposed balsa core was just sitting there waiting for a slow leak or drip that never came ... thank goodness ! Today we put the first two coats of Smith's on the exposed core...
  8. T

    Handrails and Core

    Good day, I have several questions that roll up into one. I own a 74 29' Ericson. I attempted to remove the handrails yesterday and was unable to get several of the stainless bolts out. The two at the ends were easy because of the holes going through to the liner, but the ones that are under the...
  9. S

    E-27 Wet Deck Core

    I recently drilled a through deck hole to install a fresh water deck fill. When I drilled the hole I observed that the balsa core (particularly the forward facing part of the hole) was very damp. Soft to the point I could clean out some of it with my finger. As part of the project I'm replacing...
  10. C

    Got Core?

    I have a 1972 Ericson 35-2 named WindShadow that I sail on Lake Erie. I have sailed the boat since 1994. She is a dream to sail and has become a part of the family. But now is the time to start a project that I have put off too long. My cabin top has delaminated in several spots. I cut out about...
  11. M

    Sealing The Deck Core From Moisture (how to)

    Hi All, I know this subject comes up here a lot and wanted to share this with you you guys too. For years I have been trying to describe, as have others, in words, how to "pot" or fill deck hardware penetrations with thickened epoxy to seal the decks core from moisture damage. I have also...
  12. Lucky Dog

    Where is the decks core

    I have recently purchased E35II that has soft spots on the deck and coach roof. I am looking for the design patteren that would show where they cored with wood. Happy new owner ml
  13. J

    Rotten core

    Hi All, I was replacing my nav lights on the bow of the ole E27 last Sunday and encountered some brown slime (formerly balsa wood). I removed all of the hardware from the deck and drilled some exploratory holes beneath from the bow back as far as the vent for the anchor line (approx 2...
  14. M

    Replacing Core in deck.

    Having dealt with the windows (thanks for all advice on removing sealant] I now turn my attention to a soft spot on my deck. Don Casey's book recommends that when replacing deck core you use the same material. Two questions: 1. What was the core used in an Ericson 35 MK2 from 1970. 2...
  15. L

    Cabintop Core Moisture

    The balsa core in the cabintop of my Ericson 35 became saturated. I didn't know how the water was getting in until I began the repair - it turned out the original construction of the dorade box was faulty. Inside the box (all 3 chambers), the seal between the slanted sides of the box and the...
  16. T

    Replacing deck core on E-27

    A section of my fore deck has gotten very soft, and I know I'll have to replace the balse core. I want to work from underneath so that I can keep a structurally sound and water proof deck (and not have a bunch of cut lines or filled-in holes). This means on my back in the v-berth, reaching...